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Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Restaurants You Must Try in the Pantheon Area, Rome

The Pantheon in Rome, ItalyThe Pantheon in Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)By James Burrows

The Pantheon is a hugely historic site in Rome. It is a temple which was rebuilt by Emperor Hadrian in 126AD. Its vast history and intriguing design mean that it is a huge draw for tourists who arrive to enjoy the architecture as well as for religious reasons. One thing is for sure, a visit to the Pantheon area is not complete for any tourist unless the sample some of the surrounding culture. The range of eateries is a great way to experience local customs. Below are some of the restaurants which you must try in the Pantheon area:
Da Gino - The Da Gino restaurant offers regional food cooked to a good standard. The music from the gazebo and the authentic roman vibe means that this restaurant is a cultural experience and ideal for that mid day meal amidst the site seeing.
Il Bacaro - The quietness and calm outside this restaurant make it hard to believe that it is only a few minutes walk away from some of the largest tourist attractions in Rome. Situated down a side street and under a marvellous vine tree, the Il Bacaro is a wonderful place if you enjoy food which has been prepared directly for you. Don't be fooled by the reasonably low levels of custom inside, the food is delightful and deserving of a more prominent spot.
La Rosetta - One of the original fish restaurants to be opened in Rome, you can be sure that all items on the menu at La Rosetta have been prepared using years of experience. A real treat for the seafood lover and a nice way for those who are not sure about this type of menu to dabble in its delights. La Rosetta has received acclaim in various international publications....and for good reason.
Pizzeria Il Leoncino - It would be a shame to visit Rome, or Italy in general, without experiencing one of the countries signature dishes. Pizza is one of Italy's most successful exports, but you can't beat the taste of a fresh cooked pizza in an Italian restaurant. At Pizzeria Il Leoncino you can experience genuine Roman pizza for a pleasantly low price in what can be an expensive area.
Otello alla Concordia - Reliable is often a word used to describe this characteristic side street restaurant, so those of you looking for that safe bet, look no further. Choose between a seat inside or move outside under the arbour-covered courtyard and select from the variety of traditional Roman dishes.
James spends a lot of time in Rome, Italy and especially loves the local foods and wines. James also promotes Pantheon apartments and Spanish Steps accommodation for tourists in Italy.

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