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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There Are Many Types of Italy Tours

St. Peter's Basilica at Early MorningSt. Peter's Basilica at Early Morning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Phoenix Delray

People that are looking for Italy tours are often surprised at how many different kinds are available. There are ones that go to almost every area of this country and that have emphasis on many different things.
Many people immediately associate this country with Rome. They want to see this city because of all the historically significant features it has. They may also want to visit nearby Vatican City to see the artwork and possibly get a glimpse of the Pope. While this is an interesting place, this area is not the only reason that people visit this country.

Some people want to visit Florence. It has architecture that goes back centuries and has been the home of many famous people like the notorious Medici family. Considered the place where the Renaissance began, it has been center of culture and trade for centuries and many luxury Italy tours showcase this area. It has many historically significant buildings and works of art and is now one of the top areas in the world for fashion design. It is also known as a place that produces excellent wines, especially chianti.
For those with an interest in islands, it is possible to find ten-day tours of Sicily. This island has been home to many cultures over time ranging from Romans to Greeks to Arabs and Normans. Each group has left a mark in terms of architecture, culture, food or history.
Anyone who thinks they might enjoy a train ride can find offerings that go to Italy and Switzerland. These types of Italy vacations often feature fabulous mountain scenery, fields of wild flowers and beautiful lakes. This type of trip can show visitors areas that are often overlooked by other people.
It is also possible to have a tour that encompasses several cities and the rural areas where fine wines and food is produced. People will find opportunities to dine at a real family home or engage in wine tasting events.
People who think they might want to visit this country can find a considerable amount of packages online. One way to get good pricing is to work with a company that has been arranging travel for sometime. These companies can often use the power of group discounts to provide many options for clients. Because of their long-standing presence in this field, they often have packages that other companies cannot provide. People that are considering any type of Italy tours may want to see what these types of companies have to offer.
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