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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pantheon, the Glorious Pagan Temple of Rome

Pantheon, RomaPantheon, Roma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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The Pantheon is an ancient temple in Rome. It is also known as the "temple of all gods". Astounding architectural design combined with its rich history makes it a famous tourist destination.
Very few architectural master pieces get the attention the Pantheon gets. A "temple of all gods", this work of genius has fascinated human imagination for centuries now. If you are visiting Rome don't miss visiting this pagan temple. A fine example of glorious Roman architecture, it's a reminder of the splendid days in Roman history.

Like every other historical structure, the Pantheon also has its own story. It was originally built in 27 BC, but since then it has been re-built a couple of times. Initially it was constructed in a T shape, and was dedicated to the gods, Mars and Venus. It burned down in AD 80 but was rebuilt by Emperor Domitian. In AD 118, it was constructed again but this time around it assumed a circular shape. Many minor changes were made to the building after that, but its basic design remained the same. It also has tombs of two Roman kings and a queen.
Though built centuries ago, it still manages to fascinate the people no end. The glorious architectural design of the monument is the main eye catching attraction. It is a circular structure and has an opening in the centre of the ceiling which symbolizes the eye of heaven looking down on the earth. The most amazing fact about the Pantheon is that the height of the central opening is exactly equal to the diameter of the circular interior of the building, giving it a symmetry that stands as testimony to the perfection of Roman engineering.
It also houses many art and artifacts from the olden days of Rome. Though mainly used as a place of worship, it is also a venue for many concerts and poetry readings
The architecture of Roman temples is known for their resilience and magnificence. The Pantheon is an example of the beautiful Italian architecture. Visit Rome to acquaint yourself with the history of this pagan temple. To know more in detail about the Pantheon and other such architectural wonders in Italy, visit You can also find detailed information about other Italy travel destinations on this site.
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