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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Northern Lights Holidays

Northern lights
Northern lights (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

An Unforgettable Vacation Experience

Author: Will Smith
The Northern Lights are natural display of multicolored lights that lit the skies. This wondrous display of night light can be seen in the Arctic region during winter months. The intensity of this heavenly activity runs in ten to eleven year cycles, with peak years showing awe-inspiring display of lights. This phenomenon makes the cold and the hazards of venturing into the world's end on winder months all worth it. Northern Lights holidays are among the favorite luxury adventure holidays during winter.

A cold holiday in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Finland or even Greenland is also ideal for thrill seekers. Aside from witnessing the northern lights at night, tourists are also encouraged to experience unique and extreme adventures in the snow. Here are some highlights on the country destinations for perfect Northern Lights holidays;

Canada – Canada has its own night sky viewing center in the Fort McMurray that accommodates guests who want to experience the northern lights at its best. The vast country also offers guest a lot of space to roam. You can indulge in an adventurous exploration of the Rockies, the wildlife and its spectacular wilderness.

Sweden – The country's Abisko National Park boasts of having the least cloudy spot on earth, making it the ideal spot to spend Northern Lights holidays. Visitors can also experience extreme adventures like husky sledging and snowmobiling. For those who would rather indulge in luxury adventure holidays, the Ice Hotel is always a must-experience.

Norway – Aside from the spectacular lights that guests can enjoy at night, Norway can also offer the breathtaking Hurtigruten Coastal cruise. The leisurely cruise affords guests of visiting idyllic fishing villages that line the fjords and enjoy exhilarating dog sledding adventures. This is certainly a refreshing way to spend Christmas and one of the best luxury adventure holidays.

Iceland – Snow, northern lights, orcas, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. Iceland seems to have all that make up wondrous Northern Lights holidays. Before you end your winter sojourn, make sure to take and adventurous icy bath in the iconic Blue Lagoon. Travel the big snow country on horseback, orca or in super jeeps.

Finland – For those seeking a more tranquil northern lights holiday, you can spend it in the calm and snowy wilderness of Finland. The country has heated log cabins and glass igloos for a more comfortable winter vacation.You can also enjoy the numerous private saunas for a pampering holiday. Finland will not fail adventure seekers with the thrilling reindeer safaris and skiing extreme adventures.
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