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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ancient sites and monuments in Pompeii

Computer-generated imagery of the eruption of ...
Computer-generated imagery of the eruption of Vesuvius in BBC/Discovery Channel's co-production Pompeii. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ancient sites and monuments in Pompeii

Author: Preety Gupta
Pompeii in Campania State of Italy is one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world. Life came to a complete standstill on the fateful day of August 24, 79 AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city with volcanic ash, killing about 20,000 people in a single stroke and freezing in time buildings, monuments and last moments of the people on that fateful day for posterity. Pompeii attracts millions of visitors every year. The tourist infrastructure is well in place and visitors can choose from a range of accommodation options including Italy villas, guesthouses and hotels, depending on their budget and requirements.
Here are just some of the sites that you can visit in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
House of the Ancient Hunt: This is an attractive, open-style house with many beautiful frescoes of hunting scenes.

The Basilica: Located on the west of the Forum, it was one of the most important buildings of the time. It was here that justice was administered and trade was carried on.
Forum Granary: Artefacts like storage jars and plaster casts of people who did not escape the eruption can be found in this building. The Granary was created to serve as the public market but could not be finished before the eruption.
Baths: There are several baths in the city, one of them located north of the forum and close to a restaurant. The Central Baths and the nearby Stabian baths have interesting decorations and provide an insight into how these baths used to function during those times.
House of the Tragic Poet: The entrance of the house features a mosaic depicting a chained dog. It has the words Cave Canem or "Beware of the Dog" written on it.
Temple of Apollo: Located near the Basilica and the Forum, the temple is believed to be the oldest remains found in Pompeii. It houses Etruscan items which date to 575 BC.
Theatre: The Theatre seat about 5000 people. It was built in the hollow of a hill for acoustic advantage.
The Garden of the Fugitives: The site was under renovation and has recently been opened to the public. On display is the plaster cast of 13 people who had tried to flee to safety when the eruption took place. The flesh had decayed away and the hollow spaces were filled with hardened ash. Later, they were filled with plaster and converted into statues.
As said above, Pompeii is a famous tourist destination and infrastructure is firmly in place to cater to their needs. If you are visiting Pompeii, you can set base in luxury Italy villas, self-catering apartments or budget hotels and guesthouses.
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