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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top Tips for Things to Do on Adventure Holidays in Croatia

English: waterfall in plitvice lakes national ...
English: waterfall in plitvice lakes national park, croatia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Naomi Wilson

Croatia is perhaps one of the most unique countries you will ever come across. For starters it has an unusual coastline bordering the Adriatic Sea - unusual because it consists of many islands - with places such as Split and Dubrovnik ripe for exploration. But it also offers some stunning venues to explore inland, and if you love hiking and walking you will certainly find adventure holidays in Croatia well worth enjoying. Here are just some of the activities you can try while you are there.

Walking around the Plitvice Lakes

Many visitors take the opportunity to see the Plitvice Lakes for themselves. The Lakes are split into two sections - the upper and lower lakes - with 16 of them to see in all if you are ready to make the walk from one end to the other. You'll cover around eight kilometres if you do, so it makes a very satisfying walking challenge to enjoy as you witness the stunning waterfalls and beautiful, changing colours of the water.

Hopping in the saddle for a cycling holiday

Even a long weekend away is ample time to discover some of this country's natural beauty. While the often challenging coastline is tempting to some, others go inland to see what they can discover. If this appeals to you, try heading for Istria. A significant portion of Istria is taken up by forests and other rural areas, including vineyards, making it the perfect region to head to on your bike.

Explore more of Croatia on a short sailing holiday

If you know how to handle a boat you could find that sailing is one of the best activities you could pick for adventure holidays in Croatia. As mentioned previously, the coastline is dotted with hundreds of islands. Some of these are well known - such as Mjlet for example - and are therefore well served by tourist boats. But the smaller ones can only usually be reached if you hire a boat to sail there yourself. If you are keen to explore beyond the usual reaches of adventure holidays in Croatia, you can find some superb places to visit and see the country from the water as well.

Suitable for all kinds of adventurers

It is Croatia's unique mix of landscapes that makes it so attractive to visitors for either a short weekend break as well as a longer holiday. For example, while there are long hikes to be had around the Plitvice Lakes, you can also indulge in shorter walks if you aren't yet up to speed. Try walking along the walls of Dubrovnik, the walled city, for example. This short but appealing walk is a must do activity if you stay in this city.

In short, this beautiful country offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. Which ones will you embark on first?

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