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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dubrovnik - One of the Finest Cities in Croatia

Dubrovnik (Photo credit: vidonjac)

By []Naomi Wilson
More and more people are coming to realise just how much Croatia has to offer as a tourist destination. If you decide to book a holiday to this country to explore its history and try your hand at activities including hiking and sailing, Croatia has many jewels to offer. One of the best of them all is Dubrovnik.

The walled city

Many cities around the world have remnants of ancient walls that once protected them. But in Dubrovnik their ancient walls are still practically intact. The Old Town is held inside a consistent stone wall that runs for some two kilometres. Incredibly the walls reach as high as 25 metres into the air in some places. When you have indulged in other activities such as sailing, Croatia's Dubrovnik offers you the opportunity to follow the length of these famous walls that date from the 14th century.

Enjoy a spot of sailing

Another advantage of basing a short break in Dubrovnik is that it looks out over the Adriatic Sea. This provides you with the chance to go sailing. Croatia has many smaller islands that are waiting to be explored, and one of the closest to Dubrovnik is Mljet. You can hire a boat to go sailing; Croatia offers several islands that are perfect for a day trip when you stay in Dubrovnik.

Try your luck on the balancing stone

On the side of a building in Dubrovnik you will spot a stone that is carved to look like a face. It also stands proud of the rest of the building. The challenge is to try and stand on it without falling off, and as you and many others will realise, it is much more difficult than you might imagine. It is impossible to come to Dubrovnik and not have a go though!

See Dubrovnik from above

Many people ascend the walls of the city to get a unique view of it from a height. But you can surpass this if you head to Mount Srd, some 413 metres in height and not far from the city itself. Here you can look down over Dubrovnik and hopefully put your camera to good use as well. The war torn past of this region can be clearly seen as you make your way up the mountain, but after a challenging walk to the top you can look down over Dubrovnik and see its famous walls and Old Town from above. Look for the serpentine footpath and allow around an hour and a half to complete the journey from the start of the ascent to the very top. Be sure to take plenty of water with you and some spare batteries for your camera too.

As you can see Dubrovnik has plenty to offer as a base for a short break in Croatia. With plenty of superb restaurants to stop off in when you have the time, you won't run short of places to go or things to do there.

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