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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Advantages of Train Travel

Eurostar trains in the renovated St Pancras St...
Eurostar trains in the renovated St Pancras Station, London. 3 exposure HDR image taken on 3rd Jan 2008, in a quiet moment between trains! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Jessi K Sana

Train travel not only provides a better level of safety and comfort but also adds to the traveler's experience. The insight it gives into the culture of a country or locality, and the passing vistas are totally distinct and memorable. The appeal of train travel is not just about the enchanting blur of the passing landscape but also about a lot of other advantages, a few of which are briefed below.

When compared to bus travel or air travel, train travel is more convenient as passengers have enough room to sit or recline, especially during lengthy journeys. A railway itinerary allows passengers to experience the destination in a way that is not possible from air travel. Travelers need not worry about jet lags, and weather-related delays are rare. Having a meal, strolling around or simply conversing with fellow passengers can make the trip enjoyable.

Cost-effectiveness is a major advantage of train travel. Backpackers find it the most economical means of travel, particularly because of the friendly ticket options. Rail passes and unlimited tickets are a boon to regular travellers, as they can avail significant savings on ticket prices.

Trains are the most eco-friendly modes of transit between large cities and small towns alike. Their role in pollution is much lesser than other transportation modes. Maglev trains that work on the principle of magnetism are gaining favor because they are safer, consume less energy and super-fast. They curb noise pollution to a great extent and do not emit air pollutants at all. In an era where environmental awareness is gaining momentum, an increasing number of travellers are turning away from air travel towards train travel in an attempt to cut their carbon footprint.

Trains allow comfortable overnight travel, which is a good means to save money on accommodation and also allows passengers to stay rested en route a business trip. Reclining seats on standard carriages are much more comfortable than those in buses or planes. Sleeping compartments provide privacy and added facilities, including meals, beverages and other refreshments. While traveling with children or infants, trains are far more convenient than air travel or car trips. Parents can give more attention to children and engage them easily in activities to keep them calm.

Ticket reservation has become easier with the debut of online travel portals. Consumers can get all the required information, related to availability of services, ticket prices, schedules, facilities, etc. from travel agency websites. They can also avail deals and discounts for advance booking and other seasonal offers. The only major drawback of trains compared to flights pertains to the longer travel duration. Nevertheless, the cost and comfort factors override this drawback.

Almost all large cities around the world are serviced by one or more railway lines, alongside other commuter services. In some rural destinations, trains offer the only reliable connectivity. Many of the trains that exist today still bear the historic names and even follow the same routes, demonstrating the perpetual appeal for train travel. In a sense, this old-world charm distinguishes them from other mundane transportation modes.

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