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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Discover the Wonderful Region of Chianti in Tuscany

Vineyards in Gaiole in Chianti in the Chianti ...
Vineyards in Gaiole in Chianti in the Chianti Classico region (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

The Chianti region is arguably one of most beautiful places in Italy. It is deservedly well known and is a region rich in culture, history and gastronomy. There is no better way to explore the Chianti than by hiring a car and spending your days discovering the picturesque towns and breathtaking scenery at your own pace. There is no doubt that the Chianti lives up to all we expect from this stunning region in Tuscany. Villas are found in abundance throughout the area and there is bound to be one to suit your group, budget and holiday hopes.

There are no definite borders of the Chianti region but it extends over the two provinces of Florence and Siena, and encompasses some of the most prosperous wine growing land in Italy. The landscape here is typical of Tuscany. Villas stand grand and elegant showing off the classic Italian architectural features. Small villages are built high on hilltops and proudly look down over the rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. It is little wonder that the landscape and exquisite light that changes with the season have been the features of many a famous painting.

Chianti Treasures

Staying in one of the many Tuscany villas in Chianti has the advantage of placing you right in the heart of a region that has so much on offer and to discover.

Chianti is brimming with quaint, traditional towns and villages, all worth a stopover, even if only for a morning cappuccino. Each one has its own character and charm and is often known for a particular wine or gastronomic delight. There are so many hidden gems as well as the more famous destinations to explore, and although the celebrated wine towns of San Gimignano, Montalcino and Montapulcaino should be on your itinerary, there are many other equally enchanting towns to visit.

Radda in Chianti is typical of a hilltop town in Tuscany. Villas and town houses are sat high on a hill encircled by medieval defensive walls. This relatively small town was once one of huge importance, holding the headquarters of the Chianti League. Today you can visit the 15th century Palazzo del Podesta, the Romanesque church of San Niccolo and The Museum of Sacred Art of Chianti. This museum is of particular interest as it houses the valuable polyptich by Neri di Bicci depicting the Virgin Mary with child and saints.

The wonderful thing about Tuscany, and Chianti in particular, is the way of life here. Culture and traditions are clung to and the area is distinctly rich in seasonal gastronomic specialties. Enjoy the typical pecorino cheese made in Pienza, or visit one of the many vineyards that invite you in and indulge you in sampling the wines the producers are rightly proud of. You can visit the medieval town of Volterra, the beauty of the Val d'Elsa or spend a day in the stunning city of Siena. Italy has always been known for its warm and amiable people and in the Chianti this definitely rings true. Join the locals, drink real cappuccino, eat pasta, and make the memories of a wonderful holiday.

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