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Monday, February 4, 2013

4 Top Destinations to Explore While Walking in Italy

The Colosseum
The Colosseum (Photo credit: KayYen)
By []Tony Maniscalco

Wherever you go walking in Italy, there's guaranteed to be a plethora of amazing sights and places of historical interest to discover. For those who go walking hoping to feel a connection to the places they choose, there are many locations in Italy that seem to reveal something of the place, whether it's the architecture, the culture, the history, or even just the spirit of the area. Take a look at these top sights to see while you're walking in Italy. Although they are popular as tourist destinations, don't let any bias towards this fool you - there is a lot to be said for some of the most famous sights of the country.

The Colosseum

One of Rome's most famous tourist attractions, the Colosseum was built somewhere between 70 and 80 AD, and is one of the most iconic historical buildings in Rome, and the one that is often selected to depict the grandeur of the ancient Roman civilisation - along with its bloodthirsty and brutal nature! During its heyday, the Colosseum could hold 50,000 or more spectators for its different events.

The Vatican

Another location in Rome (although technically it is its own country), the Vatican is the official residence of the Pope, and also boasts some of the most stunning architecture you're likely to see in the whole of your travels walking in Italy. One particular attraction of the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel - its roof painted by Michelangelo and its dome being a timeless piece of artwork that never fails to impress visitors

The Tower of Pisa

This is one architectural marvel that was amazingly not intended at the time of its creation. In Pisa, a tower constructed in 1173 began slowly to lean to the side; viewed today, the famous leaning tower of Pisa is a marvel, and has become one of the most-visited sites in the country.

Venice's Canals

Venice (sometimes known to those on holidays walking in Italy as the 'Sinking City') is a legendary destination. Many people regard visiting Venice as an essential experience in life, partly due to the unique canals which provide transportation around the city. The architectural beauty of the city is unmatched, and the cuisine is to die for! Visitors can have a break from their travels on foot by taking a gondola ride through the city - a romantic experience that has to be tried to be believed.

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