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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Puglia's Stunning Sites and Raved About Restaurants

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By []Giovanni Balboni

The Puglia region has not always been one of Italy's traditional tourist destinations, however it has recently become quite popular as travellers discover the area's many charms. Its Baroque towns, stunning beaches, magnificent sites and delectable cuisine have now made it a top choice for people from all walks of life. To truly have the best experience possible in Tuscany, villas are the perfect accommodation. They are located throughout the region, including Puglia, and are available in many different sizes and budgets.

What to See While in Puglia

Basilica di San Nicola: This remarkable Puglian-Romanesque style basilica was one of southern Italy's first churches, built to house the relics of St Nicholas (better known in other European countries as Father Christmas), which were stolen by Turkish fisherman in the year 1087. His remains are said to have special powers and, for this reason, and also because he is the patron saint of prisoners and children, the basilica remains an important place of pilgrimage.

The 13th century ciborium, which hangs over the altar, is the oldest in all of Puglia. The basilica is certainly a beautiful site and should not be missed while visiting Tuscany. Villas in Puglia are located an easy distance of the remarkable cathedral and getting around the area is simple.

Teatro Petruzelli: Theatre lovers will be delighted to visit the Petruzelli Theatre. The gorgeous Art Noveau music hall has an enormous frescoed cupola, velvet seats, golden cherubs and a cherry-wood stage. When it first opened in 1903, a reported 3200 squeezed inside the building and newspapers reported that there was not a single empty space within the theatre. It has become one of Italy's most renowned opera houses and has seen the likes of Frank Sinatra, Rudolph Nureyev, Liza Minnelli, Riccardo Muti and Luciano Pavarotti amongst many others.

While staying in Tuscany, villas located near the opera house become very popular when famous singers perform so it is recommended to book in advance if you are planning to attend a concert.

Where to Eat in Puglia

La Ripa: This family run restaurant has plenty of character and was formerly a horse stable. All of the meat and vegetables are both homegrown and organic (as is one of the specialities - the podolico cheese). The most famous dish on the menu is the Foglie d'ulivo con gamberi, rucola, ricotta e julienne di zucchini (olive-leaf shaped pasta with prawns, zucchini and rocket lettuce). It is a must to try.

La Cantina Ti l'Artisti: This is certainly a restaurant for people who enjoy an eclectic atmosphere. A family of artists, who have decorated the interior with their own black-and-white photos, runs the restaurant. Live bands frequently play at the restaurant and it attracts a large bohemian crowd. The food is traditional with local dishes such as taiedda di riso patate e cozze (a famous dish of rice, potatoes and mussels) being served.

Puglia is a fabulous region for a holiday in Tuscany. Villas are located throughout the area and are within easy access of the most attractive sites. What a way to enjoy an Italian getaway!

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