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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trulli District and Itria Valley in Apulia Region

Trulli strung along via Monte Pertica in Alber...
Trulli strung along via Monte Pertica in Alberobello, province of Bari, Italy. The whitewashed symbols were added following the restoration of the stone roofs in the 1980s and 1990s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wonderful location for a Unique and Romantic Wedding in Italy

Author: daniela castellarin
Itria Valley is characterized by a flourishing vegetation where olive trees stand, These are cultivated in masserie lands, small typical local stone fortresses. Coasts are marked by long, sandy beaches, dunes and protected natural reserves. There are several traces of the ancient Messapi civilizations, rock settlements, castles and not-to-be-missed many trulli made with dry stone techniques.

Whitewashed cones made of limestone held together without mortar, they are visible in almost every wheat field and olive grove, where in the pasted they have served as houses and barns. Now most of them have been finely restored and transformed into luxury holiday houses small boutique hotels. With thousands of trulli all over the Apulia region, there are several towns with an abundance of them, including Alberobello, Fasano, Cisternino and others.
Trulli are at their most picturesque when clustered together in the hundreds, to form a town as the one of wonderful town of Alberobello, (a UNESCO World Heritage site).
A trullo can have a round or square base. The former is the authentic shape. Today, many new trulli are built with mortar (or other binder). The true traditional trullo is built without it. Old legends tell that trulli were made without mortar to allow their residents to quickly dismantle, (and later reassemble), their trulli when tax collectors made their rounds as unfinished houses were not taxed during the past centuries.
Why not celebrate your Wedding in the Trulli District at Alberobello or Fasano or in Cisternino? Their trulli will certainly make a unique and romantic backdrop to your Wedding pictures !
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Daniela decided to return to Italy seven years ago and use her experience and knowledge to help couples around the world realize their dream of a destination wedding in Italy.
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