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Monday, April 19, 2010

Know How To Save Money When Flying? - Best Cheap Flights Will Help Save Money!

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Everyone enjoys travelling, especially to visit your favourite holiday destinations, and it will be more enjoyable if you get the best cheap flights for your journey. Whether they be in your own country or overseas, the most comfortable and convenient mode of travel would be by air. However the costs of air travel have been on the ascendancy during the last decade or so. Spiralling fuel costs and security related tax levies have pushed the airlines operational costs further up. These extra costs have unfortunately been passed on to the traveller. Nevertheless you can still find best cheap flights if you are smart enough.

Due to the recent global financial meltdown and increase in the number of airlines taking to wings, there is stiff competition among the airlines. This comes as some relief to the air passengers, and that will give them enough leverage to find cheap flights. Some travel agents offer discounted tickets. Also one can find so many other online booking portals in order to find the best cheap flights. With so many alternative ways of finding cheap flights, it is not so easy to find the best offer at a given point in time. You need to spend time looking for that best deal.

If you are making your reservation through a travel agent, shop around first and then ask for the best possible quote. Before you decide on the best cheap flights, request quotes from at least three different travel agents to compare the prices. If you decide to make the booking online, try various airlines' online portals. Prices from a variety of airlines could be found on a single web site such as jetabroad too. Choosing similar online booking portals eliminates the hassle of checking in a number of individual booking portals.

Advantages in online booking: You are able to find the best cheap flights. Booking can be done quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home. So many relevant details such as tourist locations, maps, tour guides and even car rentals will be presented to you in the web site when the booking is made on line. Travel packages which include discounted air tickets and hotels are also available in plenty when booking through internet.

Disadvantages in booking on-line: you need to be accurate and consistent throughout the booking process. Slightest error will cost you money as refunds are not available once the order goes through. Also if you are on a journey that involves more than one sector, getting an immediate connecting flight for your onward journey will be tricky. If you are flying two different airlines in two different sectors, any delay in the first flight could result in missing the second flight. Missing a flight in this manner will cost you more money to buy a fresh ticket as budget airlines do not compensate for such losses.

You can buy cheap tickets from consolidators and flight ticket bucket shops. Airlines sell their tickets in bulk to consolidators who in turn on sell at cheap prices. Bucket shops are sometimes located in hard to find places in high rise building in some cities, where you may not feel quite comfortable visiting. But the truth is you can buy cheap tickets from bucket shops.

The above tips will certainly help find best cheap flights. Further research will help you find even better ideas that will be useful.


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