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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bed and Breakfast: A Different Way of Tourism in Sardinia and Sicily

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Sardinia is a land that loves having guests. You get to know it slowly but it gives you a great warmth in return.

Its insularity is its character. It is a feature that limits it and at the same time gives it strength. It is not easy to reach and who lives in Sardinia knows it and its economy suffers.

The sea surrounds it and defines it with the grace of a gentle hug. But above all its position gives it a uniqueness that reflects in its nature, its history and its immense cultural heritage.

What stikes the visitor who arrives in Sardinia for the first time are its colors, the colors of its blue sea, its clear sky, the Mediterranean scrub and earth, sometimes dry, sometimes rocky, sometimes crossed by unexpected rivers.

But even more unique are its perfumes of sea and Mediterranean scrub, wood and mountains. Land of flavours to be discovered.

What is surprising about Sardinia is that despite of being bathed by a beautiful sea it is not a land of fishermen but mainly of agriculture and farming. The bed and breakfasts are a good solution in terms of hospitality and an opportunity to know the typical Sardinia. Especially during the summer the choice of a b & b in Sardinia, in the coastal areas or around hinterland areas, shows as a perfect solution to combine elements such as cheapness, authenticity and comfort.

The hospitality of the b & b, usualy family run, is obviously linked to the authenticity of its owners, but in Sardinia it is hard not to find this sacred ingredient. Such structures are located in every corner of Sardinia: in cities, by the sea, in hinterland areas, the choice is extensive and you can find the most suitable to your idea of vacation. It is important to note that the b & b is an excellent opportunity, if not the only one sometimes, to stay in those areas by location and convenience that has no equipped structure such as hotels, resorts and residences. The bed and breakfast thus allows to follow secondary routes, living in a comfortable environment that reflects the history and traditions of a ancient and fascinating land.

Sicily is the biggest island of the Mediterranean sea. It is also the most extensive and southest region of Italy. Sicily presents itself as a great land to be discovered. Its beauties are many and varied, different from area to area.

Along with amazing natural and unique landscapes there is a huge and complex historical - multicultural heritage.

Not to mention the wealth of local traditions and cuisine result of the resourse of the land and together with the wisdom of its inhabitants. In a frame so smooth, wide and varied there are many routes to discover its many faces. Colors, profumes, sounds and tastes of a single place are ready to accept and touch those who decide to visit.

A holiday in Sicily can take many forms depending on the destination and accommodation suited to the needs of individual travelers. Sicily deserves time to be seen since it is so full of attractions, and this applies to every single province.

Staying in a bed and breakfast in Sicily is a solution that certainly responds to a right decision for long stays. Indeed its main strength are the cheap prices compared to other types of accommodation such as hotels.

In addition there is the hospitality of the owners of these facilities and the possibility to share their lifestyle. That is with no doubt a source of personal enrichment and provides an opportunity to learn an important ingredient of this land and its inhabitants.

You can choose to stay by the sea, in cities, or in the hinterland of Sicily or you can study a route through one of the Sicilian provinces. Accommodations like this are distributed throughout the island and ensure good prices and familiar services.

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Paolo Pilia, is the marketing manager of the sardinian and sicilian Engedras TO. With Engedras you can tailor-make the dream holiday in B&B in Sardinia and B&B in Sicily.
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