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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic Italy Vacations

St. Mark's Square, Venice, ItalyImage via WikipediaBy Priscila Siano
The city of Venice is often described as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, making it a favorite itinerary of a lot of Italy vacation packages. This Metropolis is situated along the Adriatic Sea and extends to the river banks of the Po and Piave. The city is the home of beautiful buildings, works of art, avant-garde fashion, flavorful wines and of course the gondolas and the canals. These and more makes Venice one of Europe's most romantic cities.
The city was a major maritime power during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and the grandeur of these periods are evident with the wonderful and fascinating Venetian cityscape. Its wealth can be seen in its marble churches and great works of art, making any vacation to Italy a memorable one. Artistic movements as well symphonic and operatic music traces its magnificent journey to this beautiful city.
Feel the romance in the air as you ride one of the city's gondolas in its grand canal. Marvel at the architectural wonders as you pass by its beautiful palaces and buildings which have diverse style and designs. You will be fascinated with its distinct Venetian Gothic architecture which brings together Gothic art and the Byzantine and Arab influences of the 14th century. Add to these are Renaissance and Baroque structures and the bridges. With sights like these, vacation packages Italy is all worth it.

Venice also holds the world record of most artistic masterpieces for every kilometer space. Walk along its alleys and you will find artisans painting, or making shoes or cooking delicious dishes on a single burner stove or a musician carrying an antique cello and playing baroque music with a dash of punk rock music. These among others inspire the city's benefactors to help in the restoration of the city's treasure and give a boost to its contemporary art and architecture. Truly, Venice is the gem of your Italy vacations.
Venice is one of Italy's fashion and shopping center. It is the home of designer brand Roberta di Camerino which carries Venetian made velvet handbags, making it one of the most sought after label for "it bags." Your vacation package to Italy should also include a visit to the fashion and jewelry stores which line the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco.
After feasting your senses with the city's art, architecture and shopping, complete your vacation packages to Italy with a taste of the Venetian cuisine. Savor their sumptuous seafood infused with local products. Being an erstwhile maritime power, the city is also the home of the delicious sarde in saor or the marinated sardines, bisàto or marinated eel and the pescatore or the bread of the fisherman. Other favorites are: fegatto alla venezia or the Venetian way of cooking liver, ciccheti which is similar to tapas and mildly sweet wine called prosecco. Visitors with sweet tooth will be delighted with the s-shaped bussolai or butter biscuits, the zaléti or yellow semolina cookies and the flaky cake with almonds called fregolotta. These scrumptious foods will definitely complete your Italy vacation packages.
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