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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The town of Messina - Sicily

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Author: Daniele Davide

Messina is a town in Sicily called "door of Sicily" and once Zancle and Messana. Located near the extreme northeast of Sicily (Capo Peloro) on the Strait that bears her name. The city has 243,030 inhabitants and is the third of the Sicilian cities, as well as the thirteenth Italian town by population. Its port is the first in Italy for number of passengers and sixth for cruise traffic. Ancient and illustrious city, Messina has had a destructive and tragic story like few others, which deleted the greatness achieved in the late Middle Ages

and the middle of '600 when it contending for the title of the Sicilian capital with Palermo. Destroyed in 1678 after a historic anti-Spanish revolt, a devastating earthquake has partially destroyed it in 1783 before the next catastrophic earthquake and tsunami of 1908 with 80,000 deaths. Rebuilt starting from 1912, Messina today, without historical memory architecture, presents a modern urban style.In Messina there is an important and historic university, founded in 1548. Messina is a city with an economy based on services, trade, tourism and industrial activity in shipbuilding. Messina is located at about 90 km from Catania and about 230 km from Palermo, between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts and Peloritani mounts, overlooking the area with its large natural harbor (military and commercial). Messina is hot and very dry in summer and mild and rainy in the winter semester, also called Mediterranean climate. The rainfall is consistent and in fact Messina is the wettest coastal town in Sicily. Messina was founded by the Greeks around 756 BC, under the name Zancle. The city's population reached a maximum of 274,000 inhabitants in the late eighties, after which it declined at a rate of 1,000 inhabitants per year). The first phenomenon is the reason for the chronic job crisis, the second transfer to the surrounding municipalities with over 60,000 inhabitants.

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