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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 Exhibitions to Attend in Rome, Italy for 2011

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By James Burrows

Each year a number of different exhibitions are held in Rome. These exhibitions vary in size and nature. Rome is an obvious choice for event organisers as it has an established infrastructure to accommodate the large numbers of people who are attracted to the exhibitions. Whether you visit Rome especially for one of these events or just happen to be in town when an exhibition is on, you will be sure to enjoy the pleasant yet professional feel which Italians exhibitions are renowned for. Below are just some of the exhibitions which take place in Rome:

Design conference - Held at the Sapienza Univerity in Rome, this conference will address the question of what exactly design is. The conference brings together practitioners, researchers and teachers to explore this question as well as addressing current matters of importance in modern design. A great excuse for the design student to visit Rome.
Boat Show Roma - This is a gathering of all of the key players in the marine and nautical tourism industry. It is a great way to discover what the world of tourism has to offer in terms of boat related trips, and well as being an opportunity to view and experience boats of a range of sizes. If you are planning a boat trip to Europe this year, head over to Rome and visit the Boat show to select from all of the best boating equipment around.
PhotoShow - The PhotoShow is hugely popular and arguably one of the most comprehensive image shows in the world. The show regularly attracts around 50,000 people by offering the best in traditional and digital images as well as videos and equipment.
Festival Del Fitness - A great opportunity to discover new training techniques and equipment. The event has a 20 year history and brings together thousands of people from the fitness industry. Perfect for the fitness tourist or for the ambitious professional.
Palazzo Farnese, Running - This Exhibition gives the Art lover a fantastic opportunity to visit Rome. The exhibition contains highly cultural art works from the Renaissance period through to the French Embassy. Held in the largest palace in the city, the exhibition celebrates the 500 year history of that palace. The palace itself serves as an exhibition of architecture and art work, so when you add the feast of artwork from the Farnese exhibition it equates to a fabulous event.
James spends a lot of time in Rome, Italy and especially loves the local foods and wines. James also promotes Vatican apartments and Spanish Steps accommodation for tourists in Italy.

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