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Saturday, April 16, 2011

4 Iconic Monuments to See on Train Holidays to Europe

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By Anna Copeland

Train holidays to Europe provide you with an ideal opportunity to see some of the most famous monuments on the planet. There are so many things to see in Europe that it is difficult to pick just a small selection, but below you will find four world-famous sights that you should definitely try to visit during any trip across Europe.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris
France has a very efficient train network which means you can get all over the country with ease when you go on train holidays to Europe. However, if you want to see the most iconic monument in the whole of France then, obviously, you should head directly for the capital.
The Eiffel Tower is a national symbol of France and immediately recognisable around the world. Built in 1889, at 324 metres high it was the tallest manmade structure in the world for 41 years after it was built. You can visit just to look, or you can take a trip up to the top to enjoy the views over Paris.
2. The Colosseum, Rome
Another highlight to try and visit on train holidays to Europe is the Colosseum in Rome. Rome is easy to access by train, and you'll enjoy the picturesque journey into the heart of the city. The Colosseum is the biggest amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire. It was completed in 80 AD and held 50,000 spectators. It is now an iconic symbol of Rome even though it is not in great condition.
3. The Parthenon, Athens
This ancient temple is one of the highlights of a trip to Greece and is certainly worth visiting on train holidays to Europe. The temple was dedicated to Athena and was completed in 438 BC, making it one of the oldest structures on the continent. The sculptures it contains are fantastic, and it is currently being restored to prevent it falling into decay.
4. The Sagrada Família, Barcelona
Spain is a great destination for train holidays to Europe because of the combination of exciting cities and beautiful countryside, and Barcelona should definitely be on the list of places to visit. The Sagrada Famíla is the great unfinished cathedral of Gaudí which was begun in 1882. It is one of the most interesting structures to pay a visit to in Barcelona, and is worth seeing even if just from the outside!
Visit the Most Iconic Sights in Europe
These are just a few of the iconic sights for you to visit on train holidays to Europe. There is no better way to travel to see them all than by train, and with such an efficient network of trains going between all of the locations above you might even be able to visit them all in one holiday!
Anna Copeland is the Marketing Manager for The Danube Express, which specialises in train holidays to Europe. The Danube Express has a range of exclusive train holidays to Europe travelling across countries like Poland, Hungary and Turkey.

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