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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visiting the Top 3 Cities in Spain on Train Holidays to Europe

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By Anna Copeland

If you are interested in train holidays to Europe, Spain should be one of the first destinations you choose. Spain is a beautiful country with so much for the visitor to see. You could spend your whole train holiday travelling around the country to different cities and never get bored. But if you take a train journey through Spain, which are the top cities that you should make an effort to see? Here are three of the best, all of them unique in their own way.

Barcelona is a beautiful, exciting and cultural city all rolled into one. When you go on train holidays to Europe this should be high up on the list of cities to visit. It has a good vibe and is a great city to walk around - especially if you head down Las Ramblas.
There are loads of things to see and do, and Gaudí fans will be in their element. The Sagrada Família, the impressive yet still-unfinished cathedral, is the stand-out highlight, but also make sure you visit Parc Güell, a UNESCO World Heritage Site adorned with Gaudí's statues. Art lovers should also make a stop off at the Pablo Picasso Museum.
There are plenty of other things to see and do that do not involve art. For example, if you are travelling with kids then stop off for the day in L'Aquarium Barcelona - the best aquarium in the country, which houses a fantastic range of sea creatures. And of course, make sure you try the delicious Catalan cuisine whenever you can.
Seville is on the other side of the country to Barcelona, right down in the south, and is another great city to visit. It is known as the home of flamenco, so when you pass through here on train holidays to Europe you should definitely seek out a flamenco bar to watch some authentic dancing in a great atmosphere. There are plenty to choose from so ask around for the best ones and try to stay away from the ones designed purely for tourists.
If you happen to be travelling in Spain around Easter then stop off in Seville to enjoy the fantastic Holy Week celebrations, which are renowned to be some of the best in Spain. And whatever time of year you visit make sure you try out plenty of tapas.
For things to see, you've got plenty on offer in Seville. The main highlights include the Alcázar, which is the royal palace and is very interesting to walk around and explore the gardens. The other must-see is the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, which dates back to the 16th century and is the biggest gothic cathedral in the world. These are all great things to visit when you go on train holidays to Europe and visit Seville.
In the past, Bilbao was not a very popular destination in Spain, but that has changed now. Found in the north of the country, if you go on train holidays to Europe in August then it is a great time to visit Bilbao because of the festivities that are taking place at this time.
Bilbao is a great place to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. Walk along the river, take a stroll around the Old Town to explore this attractive part of the city, or even hop on the tram. The Museum of Fine Arts is worth a visit for art lovers, but the jewel in the crown is the world-famous Guggenheim, which simply cannot be missed.
Visit Beautiful Spain
Spain has so much to offer the visitor, and any one of the above three cities will provide you with a fantastic time on train holidays to Europe. Travelling by train in Spain is a fantastic way to enjoy the beauty of the country. It has an excellent rail network; meaning if you want to, you can visit all of these cities even though they are on different sides of the country.
Anna Copeland is the Marketing Manager for The Danube Express, which specialises in train holidays to Europe. The Danube Express has a range of exclusive train holidays to Europe travelling across countries like Poland, Hungary and Turkey

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