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Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Top 5 Travel Gadgets

Canon PowerShot A520 digital cameraCanon PowerShot A520 digital camera (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Our Top 5 Travel Gadgets
By Wendy Kaufmann

In today's modern "mobile" world of internet savvy travellers, packing for a trip abroad is no longer just about suntan lotion and a good book, it's all about the travel gadgets!
From iPads, iPods, and iPhones, to Kindles, portable DVD Players, and of course, cameras, it seems we are more concerned about packing the right electrical goods, than the right outfits as we head off on our summer holidays, and as a result, we now carry more gadgets ever before.
While I do like to check my emails while on holiday, my phone is the last thing I want to hear ringing as I sink into the sun lounger - but it seems I am one of few!
So, if you dread the thought of spending a 'whole week' without the fascinating world of Facebook, and the constant Tweets of Twitter, here are our Top 5 Travel Gadgets to keep you up-to-date, informed, and connected to cyberspace wherever you are in the world:
The iPad - Compact, convenient, and incredibly useful, the iPad is quite possibly the best mobile device available on the market today. It finds the closest WIFI connection in seconds, it's a camera, a movie player, it's a games console, and it's perfect for anyone who wants to stay connected abroad!

Apples Airport Express - If you have teenagers, there is a good possibility that the whole family will want to be connected to the internet while you are away. The airport express is a small multi-headed wireless hub that allows up to 10 users to surf the web at any one time, share photos, watch movies, and download music.
Canon PowerShot Camera - I know cameras are a very personal thing, and the PowerShot might not appeal to the professional photographers out there! However, anyone looking for a compact, easy to use camera that takes excellent photos every time should consider this 16 mega pixels pocket-sized Canon.
A Smartphone - mobile phones, much like cameras, are all down to personal choice, but if you arm yourself with a quad-band Smartphone you will be able to stay connected and pick up internet access in almost every country on the planet.
Universal Power Adapter Kit - there is no point taking any of the above travel gadgets with you unless you have power adapters suitable for the countries you are visiting!
It is nice to stay in touch when you are away - but if you really want to relax, unwind, and enjoy your holiday of a lifetime - switch off, and let the cyber world look after itself, while you get down to the more important business of ordering a cocktail on the beach!
What are you "must have's" when travelling?
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