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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The New Stunning Destination to Travel to - Calabria in Southern Italy

Cliff at Tropea.Cliff at Tropea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) By Marco A Rossi

If you're looking for a vacation or travel destination that will leave a lasting impression, it's time for you to visit the new stunning destination to see - Calabria, Southern Italy. This region might leave a lot of people dumbfounded. It's not exactly a household name in terms of popular travel destinations. But that's because Calabria hasn't been very accessible for a really long time. In fact, only some parts in the UK, Europe and the US have had a direct routes to the region's airports. It was only recently that the Italian government and the Calabria local authorities have made giant steps in upgrading its road infrastructures and airports.

Where is this Region? Calabria is located in the southernmost part of the Italian peninsula. It is popularly known as Italy's best-kept secret. It is cradled by the turquoise Mediterranean Sea, which makes the region home to a wide array of beautiful beaches. The coastal areas around Calabria make the region a popular summer vacation spot. The region's tropical weather adds to its allure as well.
There are a lot of beautiful beach resorts to choose from in Calabria that it's going to be difficult to list them all. But the seaside resort Tropea is always a safe bet. Either way, you'll be amazed by the clear blue waters on the horizon and the white sands. Their beach resorts also have fine establishments you can go to. And you're going to have a blast with the many choices available in terms of food and drinks.
Calabria is popular with its plethora of scrumptious cuisines, with recipes that will satisfy your culinary sensibilities in more ways than one. Seafood cuisines abound, and two of the most popular dishes Calabria has are the Alicia Ripieni and the Sopresatta. Alicia Ripieni is made of fish and anchovies marinated with exotic spices while Sopresatta is a spicy pork-based salami dish. As you might have guessed by now, Calabria is popular for its spices.
If you are a wine connoisseur, you'll be treated to a wide variety of vintage red wine in Calabria. This part of Italy is home to the Gaglioppo grape, the main ingredient for the red wine being produced in the region. In fact, 90% of the wine being produced there is made from the Gaglioppo grape. There are wine festivals in Calabria you can go to in order to satisfy your wine palate.
This new travel destination has a lot of ancient ruins. This is because it was a land of ancient settlements, particularly that of the Brindisi (Plandarsin). Scattered around the region are ancient villages, old churches, palaces, and castles. What make these structures significant is its Greek, Roman, and Byzantine roots. To get a full grasp of the region's rich history, it is advised that you pay the National Museum in Reggio Calabria a visit. There, you'll see displayed a lot of Byzantine and Greek art. It's also where one can find the very popular Bronzes of Riace, two large statues that date back to the fifth century BC.
As you might have known by now, the new stunning destination to visit has a lot to offer to stoke your traveler sensibilities. It's a unique experience that satisfies you on many levels and will urge you to keep coming back.
As a Traveler and writer I write mostly on some of the best and most interesting places to visit in Italy. Calabria in Southern Italy is no different. Here there is a rich heritage and undiscovered serenity that most people just don't know about. Please take a look at our site on the Region which is which will help anyone wanting to visit here.

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