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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four Restaurants in Paris With a View

English: Notre Dame Cathedral from Seine River...
English: Notre Dame Cathedral from Seine River. Cekli Photolab. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Reb Whi

The French culture not just Parisian has enormous pleasure in taking both time and interest in what and when they eat. You will notice on your trip to Paris that a lot of boutiques still close between noon and 14.00hrs and that time to eat is sacred!

Brasseries are generally the only restaurants that serve food throughout the day, compared to traditional restaurants which keep the noon to 14.00hrs and 19.30hrs to midnight serving hours. Turn up after 14.00hrs in most restaurants and you will find it hard to get served. For Dinner, the tradition is to eat at 20.00hrs so book ahead so as not to be disappointed if you would like to try any of our recommendations below for Restaurants with a view!

Restaurants with a view

La Tour D'Argent - view of the Notre Dame Cathedral

Le Jules Verne- view from the Eiffel Tower over the whole of Paris

Maison Blanche - view of the Eiffel Tower, Invalides and Seine from the Theatre des Champs Elysees

Seine Dinner Cruise - a Paris Dinner Cruise, will take in all the Paris Landmarks lit up at night along the banks of the Seine
Eating on the Seine - the best view of all!

The novelty of eating dinner whilst the scenery around you changes slowly never wears off in Paris since the Seine River is so blessed with amazing landmarks, beautifully lit as we would expect from the 'City of Lights'! A Seine Dinner Cruise is perhaps the perfect solution to where to eat.

There are several companies offering a   rel=nofollow []Paris Dinner Cruise, but to find one that will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel allowing you to make the most of your evening is surely a great idea. Once you have seen Paris from its river, both the geography and majesty of the city will be brought to life.

At night time the river ensures that your trip to Paris takes on a whole new meaning and time really does stand still, you can imagine all that has gone before and capture a truly special moment.

Paris is renowned the world over as a center of gastronomy, with more than 8000 restaurants to choose from you won't be short of choice. But do your research in advance and you can combine great food with a great view! You may be looking for a romantic restaurant, an affordable restaurant or simply a restaurant with a great view; whatever your heart desires you will find it in Paris.

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