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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Is Glastonbury?

English: Gatehouse of Glastonbury Abbey, Glast...
English: Gatehouse of Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Tony Brandon

Like most festivals in the UK Glastonbury is all about two things, listening to live music and having a great time with friends while doing so. The festival has been running since 1970 and has grown every year to have more people attending and more performers playing. Now the festival is so large that potential attendees need to compete with each other when the tickets are made available to ensure they get a place. It's easily the most popular festival in the UK, and offers more than just music for people to come and see and experience over the weekend.

Fair ground rides make an appearance at the festival, giving people a chance to let off some steam while waiting for their preferred band to play and have a good time with their friends. By having all of this to do, Glastonbury avoids anyone being bored and provides a wealth of things to do that no other festival can compare to.

The food is also something to be excited about at Glastonbury, as providers from across the nation come together to offer their goods to the thousands of people attending the festival. The food needs to be good and it needs to be plentiful, as these thousands of people will all need feeding at all hours of the day, some well into the night when they're coming back from seeing their favourite bands.

Merchandise plays a big part of Glastonbury, as no one will know that someone's been if they don't have a t-shirt or a hoodie to prove it. There are many merchandise tents set up around the festival, and they all play their part in providing goods to the thousands of attendees eager to get their official festival clothing.

The spirit of Glastonbury lies in the music though. Unlike many other music festivals, Glastonbury welcomes musicians of all genres to come together and play. Most music festivals will open their tents to a certain genre of music, as they want to attract a certain crowd, but Glastonbury is open to lovers of all music. From death metal to pop music, all of the latest performers can be found at this festival, ready to please their adoring fans when they come on stage and perform.

In conclusion, Glastonbury is possibly the biggest music festival in the UK, held on a farm where thousands of people can camp together and have a great time. The festival is also aware of the environmental impact it makes, and cleans up every year and maintains the fields to ensure they don't deteriorate to the point they can't be used anymore.

Tony Brandon loved writing this article about Glastonbury as he used to go when he was much younger and had the time. Today he buys his tens wholesale from companies like []BoyzToys, but back in the day he used to have one tent that made the rounds of every festival he visited.

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