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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roses, Horses and Dracula on Europe Train Holidays

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By Anna Copeland

There is only one way to really experience Europe - train holidays! Cruises have been popular among holiday makers for many years, but they are limited to the countries, cities and towns that cling to the European coastline. With Europe train holidays however, you have access to those gems hidden inland and away from the well-trodden path of tourists searching only for the beach! The landlocked countries can provide some interesting and cultural experiences to those who like to learn something about the history of the region while they travel.
Here are some of the more unique sights you may encounter on your Europe train holidays.
Off the Beaten Track
Away from the touristy coastlines of Europe you can find a plethora of fascinating sights that are off the beaten track, and much more interesting. Europe train holidays can take in the delights of Romania, the Carpathian Mountains and SighiÅŸoara, - the reported birthplace of Dracula. Or you can find yourself in Warsaw wandering through the medieval fortress which was built in 1274 by the Teutonic Order.

 The Puszta
One treat not to miss while on Europe train holidays is The Puszta, or Great Hungarian Plain, which is populated by large ranches. The Magyar cowboys demonstrate their equestrian expertise in a magnificent show. This show will consist of a great parade that includes many tricks that were used during wartime. For example, the riders would teach their horse to sit or lie down, so they were not targets on the battle field. They also showcase the Puszta-fiver, which is an intense version of the Hungarian five-horse racing - mainly by using nine horses! There are also some comical turns from the younger cowboys and the opportunity to ride around the surrounding areas in an authentic gypsy caravan.
The Unknown Roses
Another virtually unknown area of Europe is the divine Rose Valley in Bulgaria. This small area of the world is actually responsible for producing 85% of the world's rose oil, and perfumeries across the globe use their rose produce in their perfumes. The rose-growing valley has been producing copious amounts of high quality roses for centuries and forms a large part of the locals' lives. During the months of May and June, the women pick the flowers to be processed and the entire valley is filled with the heady aroma of sweet-scented rose blooms. It really is something not to be missed on your Europe train holidays.
Anna Copeland is the Marketing Manager for The Danube Express, which specialises in train holidays to Europe. The Danube Express has a range of exclusive train holidays to Europe travelling across countries like Poland, Hungary and Turkey

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