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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Visiting Croatia's Adriatic Coast

Diocletian's Palace viewed from the south
Diocletian's Palace viewed from the south (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Naomi Wilson

Situated at the crossroads of central Europe, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, Croatia is hub of activity with a history that dates back to the early seventh century. With lovely summer weather and a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea, it is an ideal place to go for a holiday that is focused on sailing. Croatia's coastal region is rife with inlets, small islands, and archipelagos that create a vastly differing and visually stunning sailing experience that changes as you travel down the coastline and in and out of the smaller waterways. While you are exploring the waters, take a bit of time to sail down to the large island of Mljet. Then, head inland for a spot of kayaking on the country's rivers, before going on land at Split to see the huge structure that is Diocletian's Palace.

Mljet - As one of the larger islands off the southern, easterly coast, Mljet makes a perfect destination for sailing. Croatia's coasts are dotted with islands, but Mljet is exceptional in the way that it is mostly covered with dense, lush forests. When you cast your anchor and travel onto the island, you can relax on the stretches of beach and wander through the national park, which encompasses the western side of the island and covers an area of 52 square kilometres. The island also has two salt lakes, Veliko and Malo Jezero, and there are three tiny villages that you can walk through and get a glimpse into true island life.

Kayaking in Croatian waters - If you have spent your day or days on the waters that edge the western coast, then perhaps it is time to try something other than sailing! Croatia offers visitors more than just a few days travelling up and down its coastline in large boats; it offers the chance to get into a much smaller vessel and have a go at kayaking in the country's rivers too. While in the kayaking mood, you can opt to go white water kayaking in the many rivers. Or, if you want to stay near the coast you can slip into your kayak for a spot of ocean kayaking. These kayaks trade off manoeuvrability for speed and distance travel, and are often a bit larger than their white-water counterparts. They can accommodate one to three paddlers, which is perfect for a coastline tour with your own private guide.

Diocletian's Palace - If you are just about tired of kayaking and sailing, Croatia is filled with opportunities to get on land and explore a bit of the country's history without having to go too far inland. The coastal city of Split is the perfect place to head ashore and get started. For a look at a bit of the impressive history of the country, go straight to Diocletian's Palace. Made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, this grand palace was built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 305 AD, as a place to retire. One thing to take notice of while in the palace complex is the abundance of new buildings. These were allowed to be constructed in the site in 2006, despite its status as a Heritage Site.

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