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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Is Glastonbury?

English: Gatehouse of Glastonbury Abbey, Glast...
English: Gatehouse of Glastonbury Abbey, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Tony Brandon

Like most festivals in the UK Glastonbury is all about two things, listening to live music and having a great time with friends while doing so. The festival has been running since 1970 and has grown every year to have more people attending and more performers playing. Now the festival is so large that potential attendees need to compete with each other when the tickets are made available to ensure they get a place. It's easily the most popular festival in the UK, and offers more than just music for people to come and see and experience over the weekend.

Fair ground rides make an appearance at the festival, giving people a chance to let off some steam while waiting for their preferred band to play and have a good time with their friends. By having all of this to do, Glastonbury avoids anyone being bored and provides a wealth of things to do that no other festival can compare to.

Four Restaurants in Paris With a View

English: Notre Dame Cathedral from Seine River...
English: Notre Dame Cathedral from Seine River. Cekli Photolab. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Reb Whi

The French culture not just Parisian has enormous pleasure in taking both time and interest in what and when they eat. You will notice on your trip to Paris that a lot of boutiques still close between noon and 14.00hrs and that time to eat is sacred!

Brasseries are generally the only restaurants that serve food throughout the day, compared to traditional restaurants which keep the noon to 14.00hrs and 19.30hrs to midnight serving hours. Turn up after 14.00hrs in most restaurants and you will find it hard to get served. For Dinner, the tradition is to eat at 20.00hrs so book ahead so as not to be disappointed if you would like to try any of our recommendations below for Restaurants with a view!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Must-See Attractions in Valencia

Porta apòstols seu València
Porta apòstols seu València (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Austin Ortiz
Valencia is packed with attractions. A city that was founded by the Romans and prospered under the Moors and the Catholic Monarchs is one of the most attractive cities of Spain. Here marvelous medieval buildings share space with modern surrealist structures, creating a city that boasts of architectural diversity. The scene of Spanish art and culture, Valencia is the perfect destination for experiencing the vibrant Spanish life.

Must-See Attractions in Valencia

10 Top Attractions in Madrid Spain

Royal Exchange Panorama
Royal Exchange Panorama (Photo credit: Ian Muttoo)

Author: Austin Ortiz
Madrid is a fascinating city. Here the traditional and contemporary coexist in harmony. The historic quarter of the city with its narrow cobbled streets and medieval buildings and churches are as startling as the flashy skyscrapers of the modern city.

Replete with attractions, it takes weeks to explore this lovely capital city of Spain. Nonetheless, the discerning traveler who wants to experience the spirit of Madrid would prefer visiting the most popular attractions of the city.

Top Attractions in Madrid

15 Top Things to do in Madrid Spain

Buen Retiro Park, Madrid
Buen Retiro Park, Madrid (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Author: Austin Ortiz
With attractions aplenty, it takes weeks to explore every nook and corner of Madrid. The stunning capital city of Spain boasts of gorgeous monuments, world famous art museums, vibrant plazas and a scintillating nightlife. The sightseeing tours to this lovely city offer an insight into the lively Spanish culture and its delicious cuisine.

Top things to do in Madrid

Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Visit to Capri

Capri. Sphinx at Villa San Michele.
Capri. Sphinx at Villa San Michele. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Mark McLaine

Capri is a small Italian town that is situated about 5 kilometers away from the mainland Italy. This island town has a number of resorts and is frequented by 2 million tourists from all over the world annually.

Reaching Capri

There is no international airport on the island and the only way to reach this town is through the boat. There are a number of boats which operate from port of Ischia and Naples. Besides this, there are a number of luxury Capritime boats which offer you water taxi services from Naples to this island.

Genoa - A Quick Guide

Immagine da Genova - piazza De Ferrari
Immagine da Genova - piazza De Ferrari (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Massimo Viola

Similar to Liguria, Genoa extends on a long and thin strip of land, for a distance of 30 KM from the westernmost to the easternmost spot. The historical city developed in the space between the two valleys Polcevera on the west and Bisagno on the east. This is the central and the thickest part in the town, characteristically fan-shaped, descending towards the sea from the fortresses and the walls on the hills.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Exploring the Captivating Charms of Chianti

Landscape in the Italian wine region of Greve ...
Landscape in the Italian wine region of Greve in the Chianti area in Tuscany, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

In Tuscany, villa rentals are a wonderful accommodation option, giving you the freedom to explore this magical region at your leisure. Villas decorate the countryside, dotted in between the terraced vineyards and atop the rolling hills. When on holiday in this stunning region in central Italy, choosing to stay in one of the typical villas adds to the complete Tuscan experience. This beautiful area is one of Italy's favoured regions, combining stunning scenery and countryside with an interesting history, a rich artistic heritage, some wonderful architecture and excellent gastronomy.

Florence, the largest of the Tuscan cities, is the administrative capital of the region, although the famous Etruscan legacy lives on in all of the provinces and hilltop towns in the area. There are endless opportunities to visit ancient sites and uncover some hidden historical treasures. Every town has a story to tell and has played a part in the turbulent past. Some of the world's most beautiful towns are found in the undulating landscape of Tuscany; villa rentals are plentiful and you can choose one situated within a small town or out in the countryside. They are usually well serviced, comfortable and authentically Italian. Often set in their own grounds, complete with outside eating area and swimming pool, you will have ample opportunity to relax, dine al fresco and enjoy some local wine.

Puglia's Stunning Sites and Raved About Restaurants

Alberobello (Photo credit: daysecoyle)

By []Giovanni Balboni

The Puglia region has not always been one of Italy's traditional tourist destinations, however it has recently become quite popular as travellers discover the area's many charms. Its Baroque towns, stunning beaches, magnificent sites and delectable cuisine have now made it a top choice for people from all walks of life. To truly have the best experience possible in Tuscany, villas are the perfect accommodation. They are located throughout the region, including Puglia, and are available in many different sizes and budgets.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Soak Up the Romance of Puglia

English: Alberobello, Apulia, Italy. Français ...
English: Alberobello, Apulia, Italy. Français : Alberobello, Pouilles, Italie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Helen Forbes

Valentine's Day comes but once a year, however, as real romantics know, romance does not follow a schedule. When it comes to true love, every day is Valentine's Day, and you certainly don't need a reason to book a romantic getaway! And when it comes to romantic getaways, nothing beats Southern Italy, specifically Puglia. Hotels in this gorgeous region are popular with couples for many reasons and, in fact, the area is one of the most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations in the country.

Discovering Positano and the Amalfi Coast

Looking back to Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy.
Looking back to Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Teresa D'Esposito
Tired of your usual holiday? Are you searching for something different and new? Experience the magic of Positano, a true corner of Heaven set in the lovely Amalfi Coast.

Get lost in one of the most romantic places on earth and enjoy the atmosphere of this wonderful vacation spot.

Started out as a little fishing village, Positano raised its fame during the Sixties, when writers, musicians, directors and famous actors crowded its streets and made this charming town a fashionable place.

10 Fun Things to Do in Paris, France

Vue du plafond du dôme des Invalides à Paris
Vue du plafond du dôme des Invalides à Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Cookie Maxwell
Paris, France is truly a special place to visit. Those who have been agree that there is no other city that quite compares with the romantic feel, the unique sights available for touring, and the culture that makes you want to stay a while and sip your caf�. If you are planning a trip in the near future to the City of Light (La Ville-Lumi�re), let this list of the top 10 things to do in Paris help you plan your stay.

1. Eiffel Tower - It is unheard of to visit Paris without including at least one trip to the iconic Eiffel Tour. To avoid the crowds, come early in the morning or in the evening. Hop on the elevator and ride to the viewing platforms for a breathtaking view of the city.

How do British and Irish celebrate their Easter?

Simnel Cake for Easter
Simnel Cake for Easter (Photo credit: Jessicastjohn)

Author: Adam Simonds
Often it is found that Easter in England and Ireland is celebrated in private parties and family gathering. During the hay days of Christianity, Easter was known as Pascha and the word derived from the Hebrew term Passover. Later on during the Anglo Saxon era the same celebration got a new name "Easter"; and this time it came from Eostre, the Anglo Saxon goddess of fertility during springtime.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Things to Do in London For Easter

Kenwood House
Kenwood House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []James M. Peterson

With Easter just a few weeks away, it's time to make last minute plans for Easter and what better way to have a marvellous holiday then to take an Easter break in London. Whether you're visiting the capital as a family, couple or single traveller, London has such a lot to offer there is something for everyone.

This article is aimed at families who are going to be coming to London at Easter.


If you're planning to come down to London by car, the general advice is not to take one. London is one of the best connected cities in the World, and has a massive underground network, making travel in the centre very easy. In the centre there are also traffic restrictions in place which a) stops you coming into town unless you have purchased a congestion charge ticket, and b) makes parking using meters very expensive - a car park near Oxford Street can charge up to �20.00 for three hours parking. Forget about it, get a travel card and take the occasional taxi to lighten the load on those days you go shopping!

So once you've arrived in London, what's there to see?

Top 3 Places for Easter in London

London Restaurant Reviews

English: The Fat Duck, High Street, Bray One o...
The Fat Duck

By []Ian Richards

Planning a trip to London used to have a slight tinge of concern when it came to food but this is now a thing of the past as there has been an explosion of great restaurants in the capital.

There is a now a concern for the provenance of the food supplied and chefs are looking at locally sourced foods that are either organic, free range or at the peak of freshness. When these are combined with a true interest in the way it is prepared the British food scene is in a renaissance. The surge in interest in traditional British recipes means that it has never been better to sample the real cooking of Gt Britain. That is not all, there is also a huge increase in restaurants from around the world that gives a real dimension to eating out.

The list includes some very modest eateries where you will not spend a fortune but will still eat well.

There are now so many restaurants in London, that this is just a cross section of those available but everybody should find something that will appeal to their tastebuds and pockets.

Top 7 London Tours With a Difference

London (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

By []Isa Morgan

It can be easy to think that a tour of London is all about taking an open-top bus around the city's major tourist sites. But there's more to the capital than the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. In fact, if you're looking for another side to one of the greatest cities on earth, there's a whole alternative world waiting to be discovered.

Here are just seven tours with something different to offer, whether you're a visitor, or a resident looking for something new and interesting to do.