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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Remarkable Rome Attractions

The Capitoline Hill cordonata (centre of pictu...Image via Wikipedia
Author: Robert Toth

If you are still undecided about the city to visit this vacation, why not fly to Rome? The Rome attractions are awesome and entertaining. Infact, you can dive deep into the exciting historic stories of this city.

City Overview
This charming city is home to many historical sites and monuments. A guide will be the right person to help you gather the essence of this city. Anyhow, the monuments and buildings can be clearly seen from far off.

Place which you must visit
- A fine portrayal of Roman engineering is the Colosseum that portrays mythological tales and the stories of olden times.
- Another Roman piece of architecture is the Pantheon that has used the world's largest brick dome.
- Among the rich Rome attractions, there is the Roman Forum which has a wide historic base.
- Basilica Di Santa Maria Maggiore situated at the apex of the Esquiline Hilland has not lost its originality.
- The Piazza Del Campidoglio is that monument which was built in memory of Michaelango way back in 1546.
- The Palazzo Del Quirinale is sited at the highest point of Rome hills and represents the Renaissance Movement.
- Monument Of Vittorio Emanuele Iiwas was erected in the fond memory of United Rome's first king.
- One of the best examples of exquisite Roman art and architecture is EUR District.
- The Vatican City is the certified headquarters of the Pope and symbolises Catholicism.

Thing you must do
- The Italian pizza is one of the most attractive Rome attractions and you get them best at Roscioli.
- The Vatican Museums must be visited on the last Sunday of every month between 8:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
- Go to the Church and ask God to grant you salvation.
- The water of the fountains must be tasted at least once.
- Tempio di Adriano (Temple of Hadrian) must be toured as it has featured in several Hollywood movies.
- The Pantheon must be visited; it will cost you nothing.
- Walk your way to the Lo Zodiaco, the top most point in the city.
- Spend and party at Micca, the most crowded club in Rome.
- Spend ample time in one of the garden grounds.
- Go for some of the finest local drinks offered by the Etabli aperitif bar anytime after 7.

Shopping and Sports in the city
Some of the prominent shopping areas are Piazza di Spagna, Trastevere, Piazza Navona and Piazza Vittorio. The latest designer wear and accessories are found here. More than half the world's shopaholics are drawn by Fontana di Trevi, which is one of the most attractive Rome attractions. The Roman sports include the wrestling matches, gladiator flights, handball and races.

How to spend nightlife
The Rome nightlife is vibrant and interesting. Very recently, many clubs and bars have opened to meet the needs of the tourists. You can calmly sit and relax under the warm sun or serene moon.

Famous Festivals
The Romans celebrate festivals like Sana a Roma, Donna Sotto le Stelle, cartoon film showings and Roma Jazz festival.

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Top 5 Barcelona Night Clubs in 2010

Author: Shaz Diaz

Barcelona is a city which has to offer many interesting things by day. But the real life begins when the day says goodbye! Then, the city turns into a pulsating center of clubs, bars and restaurants! Are you ready to be involved? Are you ready to get to know the secrets? Then we are now going to introduce to you the 5 best party spots in Barcelona to dance, have fun and to just have the best time of your life! Visit for details, photos and guest list for free entrance to all the best nightclubs/discos in Barcelona

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Lights in BarcelonaImage by Jeff Hester via Flickr

Christmas Breaks in Barcelona

Author: Asif Khan

Christmas seems to begin earlier and earlier each year. It seems that no sooner do the skulls, witches and vampires for Halloween leave the shop windows do we see Santa Claus, Rudolph and the elves appear. Then as soon as Saint Steven's day arrives, the shops are full of the January sales! Well, Barcelona in Spain is different. OK, so maybe the decorations do start to spring up a little after Halloween, but Christmas festivities in Barcelona breaks go on for much longer than just 26th December.
New Years is a huge celebration, in the bars and restaurants, and on the streets. People are dressed up and there is a carnival atmosphere. As the clocks strike twelve, the people of Barcelona eat twelve grapes in time with each of the chimes.
There will be bright lights everywhere you go and gifts for anyone on your list. You might even find some snow. However, not as much as you may find in other parts of Europe. You will find singing all around, specialty foods that are only treasured during this time. You will also find that many places like museums celebrate the holidays but are not open on Christmas Day.
Shopping in the Catalan Capital of Barcelona is one of the best things to do to aside from visiting many of the cultural and heritage sites the Mediterranean city has to offer. Shopping malls and small winding alleyways filled with shops are the hub of the centre of the city - the old town, or Casc Antiguo - and there are certainly some bargains to be had if you know the right places.
On Christmas Eve in Barcelona you will find it filled with special visitors in the homes there. Mainly those homes with children will get a visit from the "caga tió" a round wooden log which represents the practice of giving presents. This log marks the beginning of the holiday season and that Santa Claus is coming. This is also the time many families gather and spend some time outdoors. During the day the parents will hide the log and then the children will find it and hit it with a stick to bring forth presents.
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Netherlands – The European Wonder-land

A view from the Jordaan neighborhood towards t...Image via WikipediaAuthor: Matrix

The football frenzy might be over, but Netherlands remains one of the world's most travelled countries. The country has an unrelenting and lively spirit, which makes it just the right destination to have a vacation in. A glance at some of the most exciting places in the country follows.
  • People the world over have different opinions about the city of Amsterdam, and not all of them are positive... or accurate! The city is unorthodox, and probably not to everybody's liking in the first place. But once you are in there, there are very few cities that can match up to the unique experience the capital of Netherlands can offer you. Amsterdam has had its share of negative publicity, with immigration scandals and red light area crackdowns, but all that has quickly been swept under the rug, and permanently at that, as the local population is as enthusiastic as ever. Be it the ever popular coffee shops, the old merchants' villas, the magical Vondelpark or the Jordaan's charming lanes, every bit of the city is as influential as it was centuries ago. The museums speak highly of the Golden Age art, and everybody, from the youth to those in tehir late 40s and 50s, party like anything! Although there is no specific time to visit Amsterdam, Queen's Day is the best time to be in this city, with the world's biggest party-cum–garage sale. Talking of summers, there is an exponential number of festivals and events like the Holland Festival, the Roots Music Festival, and so on.
  • Cobble-stone streets, grandiloquent churches, magnificent museums and buildings that are historical monuments in themselves – it's hard not to get addicted to a city like Haarlem after even a few day's stay. And for the ultra urban class, there are world-class restaurants, antique shops selling unique items that have stood the test of time, and bars to either savour the finest liquor or just take a shot or two on the go!
  • The Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest in the Netherlands, and was purchased by Anton and Helene Kröller-Müller in 1914. The husband wanted the land to be developed as a hunting ground, while the wife insisted on a museum. The result was an exciting amalgamation. The park is a great place to visit for the forests, marshlands, sand dunes, as well as the brilliant museum. The ownership was transferred to the state in 1930, and the museum was opened in 1938 for the remarkable art collection of Helene.
  • Easily one of the most beautiful, yet relatively undiscovered cities, Maastricht, also referred to as the crown jewel of the south, is not at all comprising of windmills or tulips, much like many parts of the country. One can encounter Spanish and Roman ruins, Belgian and French architecture, global cuisine and basically, a non-Dutch atmosphere, which comes across as a welcome change to many. This difference is heightened by the fact that even the landscape gives one a feeling of being in another part of the world.
While travelling to Netherlands, one can remain in touch in a cost-effective manner by purchasing Matrix international calling cards, that give up to 80% savings on calling rates from any part of the world.
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Christmas in Zurich

Swarovski christmas trese in Hauptbahnhof in Z...Image via Wikipedia

Author: Asif Khan

At the traditional Christmas markets and in Zürich's shops, both locals and visitors find inspiration for gifts and can treat themselves to delectable delicacies. The Christmas circuses are as much a part of the season as the New Year's Eve Magic with its legendary fireworks display hosted by the Zurich Hoteliers' Association. Thanks to the new Christmas lighting display on Bahnhofstrasse in the city center and special "Night and Sunday Shopping," visitors to Zürich city breaks can expect even more highlights during the Advent season.
Delight in the extravagant traditional celebrations of a magnificent European city in Zurich, where the country's largest market bustles around the most spectacular Christmas tree adorned with over 5000 Swarovski crystal decorations. Or discover bliss in an indulgent spa retreat nestled in the pristine snow-clad Alps. Allow the mountain air, and the world class wellness treatments, to revitalise your body, mind and soul.

What a disappointment if it is mild like last week in Zurich! Anticipation of festive things to come fills not only the minds and seasonal spirits of the young. A particular joy on your senses after dark, the cold air is redolent with a myriad of smells associated with Christmas like toasted almonds and chestnuts, chocolate-covered or candied red apples (called paradise apples here) and mulled wine. Wooden stalls with straw-covered roofs display a vast array of handmade crafts and art: old fashioned dolls, fragrant soaps, bees wax candles, silver jewelry, or environmentally correct wooden toys, (no lead, please).
Locally known as the Zurich Christkindlmarkt, this market is open from the 28th of November till the 24th of December and offers visitors a delightful array of various related goods and services. This is easily the biggest market in Switzerland with hundreds of stalls and thousands of visitors attending.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Loire Valley's Chambord Castle

The Chateau of Chambord, one of the most famou...

Image via Wikipedia

By []John Giebler

I remember the first time I saw Chambord Castle. It's surrounded by a 20-mile wall and a thick forest that served the kings well for hunting. Several years ago, on a misty day, I was cycling toward it on one of the six alleys cut out of the forest. You don't catch a glimpse of the enormous mansion until you're close. And then, all of a sudden, it's standing in front of you in its majestic Renaissance glory.

Christmas in London

Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London.

Image via Wikipedia

By []Harleen Kaur Sachar

Christmas is one of the most important festivals of London. Every year London comes up with plenty of activities and events during the time of Christmas. Christmas in London gives the people the opportunity to engage in lot of eventful activities. There is lot to do in London during Christmas. From decorations to shopping, parties and many more form the principal events of the Christmas celebrations in London.
One of the most amazing things about Christmas celebration in the capital city of United Kingdoms is that during this workers return to their families. London comes to life with the streets, houses and lanes getting illuminated with different electrical lights. The Christmas Day is marked by a message addressed by the Queen.

Rent a Villa in Liguria to Combine Italian Glamour With Rustic Charm

Portofino, a small Italian fishing village on ...

Image via Wikipedia

By []Dipika Patel

If you enjoy visiting glamorous locations then choose to rent a villa in Liguria and you'll find the location is no exception.

The birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Liguria is one of Italy's smallest regions, but also one of its most exclusive. The stunning coastline is a big draw for tourists, as are the many elegant resorts in the area.

You could find the region the perfect place to book a stay at a holiday cottage in Italy, whether you want to explore the area's glamorous side or prefer the nation at its most rustic, for you can find both here.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas markets in Brussels

Christmas market, overviewImage by via Flickr
Author: Paul Buchanan

Belgium has become a haven for those looking for an authentic way to celebrate the festive season, thanks to the famous Christmas markets in Brussels offering yuletide gifts, snacks and entertainments in the heart of the historic city.

The two largest Christmas markets in the city - easily found at the Grand Place and St Catherine's area, respectively - offer a plethora of attractions and entertainments for visitors of all ages throughout the Christmas period, a far cry from the overly commercialised and sanitised Christmas celebrations found in many cities in the UK and elsewhere.

Belgium may not have invented the Christmas market tradition - that honour belongs to Germany - but this smaller nation has undoubtedly taken the top spot in the minds of travellers from around the world, looking for a city break destination ideal for celebrating the season of goodwill. With fairground attractions including a big wheel and carousels, not to mention skating events held at the city's ice skating rink, ensuring that 21st century kids will be just as satisfied with the entertainment on offer as older generations.

That's not to say Brussels' Christmas markets are all about exerting energy though, as the Brussels Winter Wonderland is packed with cultural attractions to appeal to lovers of the arts too - with a number of free performances and remarkable ice sculptures gracing the streets during the period. The market stalls themselves are a major highlight, of course, and whether you're looking for home-made decorations, seasonal snacks or mulled wine, Brussels won't disappoint.

The city hosts around 240 wooden chalets specially constructed for the winter season, where visitors can buy all manner of gifts, and they transform the Belgian capital into a true winter wonderland. The shops open late into the night throughout December - typically 9pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends - meaning you'll never feel rushed to get your Christmas shopping in during the day time. Even if you prefer to visit Brussels after spending Christmas at home with the family, the Winter Wonderland festivities take place right through to New Year.

Brussels' Christmas markets are conveniently located if you're staying near the city centre, whether at the Hotel Brussels Midi or other popular accommodation, and if you're staying in Belgium for a longer period, you could also consider taking the trip to nearby Bruges. The markets here may be less impressive in size and scale, but the yuletide atmosphere is still on par with the best Christmas markets in Europe.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Things You Shouldn't Miss When Taking A Vacation At Andalucia

La Giralda at dusk, the tower of the Cathedral...

Image via Wikipedia

By []Jo Alelsto

Spain has a lot of beautiful sights and Andalucia happens to have some of the best. It is the southern region of this warm European country. It has perfectly warm and dry climate which attracts tourists all over the world. The beaches are outstanding and the countryside landscapes are breathtaking. The culture is rich and the people are welcoming. Andalucia has the best sights, both natural and man-made. You can see the Granada's Moorish Monuments Alhambra or relish the sight of Cordoba Mosque. You don't have to worry about where to stay because Andalucian villas are all around.

You cannot miss the festivals in Andalucia, most of which are celebrated in mid-spring to autumn. So if you are spending vacation sometime from April to October, you might witness some of the colorful and traditional festivals in this southern region of Spain.

Visiting the Cathedral of Pisa

The Duomo of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Image via Wikipedia

By []Priscila Siano

If you are planning a holy trip to Italy the way Muslims generally plan their annual pilgrimage or hajj to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, no doubt a visit to Rome would serve as the pinnacle of your tour. But there are many other places in Italy that could offer you visual and spiritual nourishment, and one of those would be the Cathedral of Pisa or Duomo di Pisa.

Paris' Top 5 Attractions

The Eiffel tower at sunrise, taken from the Pl...

Image via Wikipedia

By []Ken Sand

Aside from being the capital of France, Paris is a city that is well known as the home of fashion. It is also considered as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Many couples especially newlyweds visit this beautiful city to celebrate their romance or honeymoon. For individual tourists, this city is a place where can spend their holidays and experience a wonderful vacation. There are numerous attractions offered here from the finest French cuisine to the taste of good wine, the different shopping centers to countless outdoor activities and so much more. Visiting this city would be like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you should not miss.

Listed below are top and famous attractions that entice a lot of tourist. These sites are must-see if you land to this breathtaking city of Paris. Going to these places will make your vacation memorable and a lot more fun.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nightlife in Rome

Piazza Campo dei Fiori, Rome: the market with ...Image via Wikipedia

Author: Asif Khan

Rome is one of the Italian cities with major Mediterranean flavour. Thanks to its pleasant climate and its charming people, it enjoys a large influx of tourists. It has a quiet nightlife, but the lacks of the night are compensated with its cultural and archaeological attractions. Though, the party lovers will not be disappointed if they go to the indicated locals. Even the most demanding people would be happy having a relaxing stroll under the moonlight in some of its squares or a walk along the Tiber River.
While nightlife in Rome holidays takes place most commonly around the dinner table, the bar scene is pretty varied and offers something for everyone. Many of the city's pubs are quiet havens for a mid-afternoon pint, yet transform into virtual nightclubs after dinner, often attracting a crowd nostalgic for home-style drunkenness.
The bars on Campo de' Fiori are filled with Italians sipping coffee by day and invaded by raucous exchange students by night. The Drunken Ship, Sloppy Sam's and a cluster of other bars attract quite a fun-loving crowd.
Bar Del Fico - This nightclub is very popular amongst the artistic crowd in the city, and is located at the Piazza Del Fico. The club serves up a heady blend of great music and well mixed drinks, making it very popular among young crowds. The Bar Del Fico is also a popular hangout for many of the famous artists and actors from around Italy.
Shopping, dining, and drinking in Rome are not difficult ventures; however, though Rome's vibrant nightlife is an experience of its own, the historical and cultural attractions of the city definitely triumph the city's nightlife scene.
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Some Tips And Ideas That Will Help When Choosing The Perfect Apartment To Rent In Paris

Typical Parisian architecture in the 7th arron...Image via WikipediaFor a family or couple that is planning an extended vacation or simply visiting Paris for a couple of weeks, apartment rental in Paris may be one of the best options. Renting an apartment gives one greater freedom to come and go as well as offers greater savings over most hotel prices. It also makes it possible for a couple or family to have more space, cook their own food and enjoy a homier atmosphere than most hotels can provide. Apartments that are offered for vacation rental may be rented on a two week, one month or three month basis, as needed.

If you are not familiar with apartment hunting in Paris, you can take advantage of internet websites that specialize in offering apartments for rent. When looking at apartment options, it is important to not only check what the rental price is, but also to see what services and amenities are offered along with the apartment for rent. For instance, some apartment complexes will provide free clean sheets and towels for the tenants. Some vacation apartment complexes will also clean the apartments after you leave instead of requiring that you do so while on vacation. These small amenities, while not necessarily deal breakers, will make your stay in Paris more relaxing and enjoyable.

Even more important than noting what amenities are offered is finding out whether items that break or malfunction during your stay will be repaired in a quick and efficient manner. If the hot water stops working or the toilet is clogged up, it should be taken care of by either the landlord/landlady or the rental agency. This information should be noted clearly on the rental contract.

Those who have a limited budget should not rent an apartment in a touristy area. Renting a beach front apartment or an apartment right next to a tourist hot spot will be expensive. Instead, try to rent an apartment that is not in the most popular area of town but is near a metro so that you can get where you want to go quickly and easily.

There are a number of factors to consider when planning a stay in Paris. Renting an apartment is a good option for those who want to save money and enjoy a comfortable place to stay in. Be sure to look into all aspects of the apartment and ensure that the contract is clear with no room for misunderstandings.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Popular Dublin Attractions

North facade of the Irish Museum of Modern Art...Image via Wikipedia

Author: Robert Toth

Dublin is one of the perfect places to holiday, be it for the young or the old. It is one of those European cities which draw tourists all across the globe during all parts of the year. The place can be visited during any part of the year.

City Overview:
Dublin is one of the Ireland cities which have an interesting history and diverse culture and traditions. The Dublin attractions can fulfil all your dreams and help you engage in activities of your preference and interest.

Places which you must visit:
Situated in the College Green, the Trinity College was founded by Queen Elizabeth in 1592 and is the oldest college in Dublin. It has the largest library in Ireland.
The Dublin Zoo is the largest zoo of Ireland and is perhaps the oldest scientific zoo in the world. It houses different species of animals and birds.
Irish Museum of Modern Art hosts many exhibitions on modern art.
Croke Park & GAA Museum gives you all information about the game of football. The latter is also used for the EU conferences.
The Dublin Castle is among the historical Dublin attractions which were built by King John of England. It is the centre for many concerts and EU meetings and also has the Chester Beatty Library.
Christchurch Cathedral showcases many historical features of the city.
National Museum of Ireland comprises of artistic, cultural and historical collections of the city which is exhibited in three buildings.
Malahide Castle features the portraits of the distinguished family of the Talbot family.

Things you must do:
Visit the National Museum of Ireland.
Visit the Dublin Castle which is located in the heart of the city and educates you with the Irish history.
Head for the Irish Museum of Modern Art which is a perfect blend of the contemporary and modern art.
Go the National Library of Ireland and get a hand on one of the best Irish books.
Visit the Dublin Tourism Information at the Suffolk Street and gather all possible information about Dublin.
Spend ample time in the gardens and parks and take free strolls around.
Don't miss a trip to the beach! Go there and feel the fresh air.
Go and pray at the St. Patrick's Cathedral which is one of the finest historical Dublin attractions.
Explore the beauty of the city going on a walking tour.

Shopping and Sports in the city:
Some of the best shopping centres of Dublin are Square Shopping Centre, Blanchardstown Shopping Centre, Liffey Valley Shopping Centre, Dundrum town centre and The Pavilion Swords. The shops have a lot to offer to the shopaholics. The major sports of Dublin are the soccer, rugby and golf.

How to spend nightlife:
The city's nightlife is among the Dublin attractions which draws tourists. The buzzing clubs, bars and cafes offer whiskeys and Guinness to every aspirant and excited Dublin tourist.

Famous festivals:
Some of the important festivals are the Chinese New Year, Temple Bar Trad fest, The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, The Dublin Book Festival and St. Patrick's Festival.

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About the Author

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Holidays in Colmenar, Andalucia, Spain

View of Granada from Alhambra, SpainImage via Wikipedia

By Phil Hanlon

Colmenar is known as the capital of the mountains of Malaga. This village stands like a throne in its rocky landscape. It is relatively unscathed by the commercial tourism of the coast. Mules are still used as a mode of transport and olive, almond and grapes are harvested here. Colmenar got its name from a farmer who housed bees for their honey. The coat of arms that Colmenar has adopted is a beehive with seven bees flying over it.
This historically dated town marks its coming presence with a stone steeple called the Puerta de La Cruz. The entrance from the direction of Malaga is adorned with pine woods and rolling countryside. The nearby Buitreras Canyon towering at 100m high winds down to an emerald green lagoon fed from an underwater natural spring. This area is well populated by pot-holers and hikers. Great birds of prey soar high above surveying the pleasant array of geographical significance.
Besides pot-holers and hiking, biking is popular too. There are some great routes to travel on such as the one from El Comenar to the cave of "Los Motillos" (a cave dating to the Paleolithic times). You could also visit the Roman sulphur baths and the remains of the Roman villa of Saeponia.

There are some very good restaurants in Colmenar and if you want a taste of Andalucia you are sure to get it here. Due to it being not as much traversed by multinational tourism Spanish food is mainly on the menu though other international food is available too. Venison, wild boar cooked to succulent perfection. There is also an excellent vegetarian restaurant that serves non-meat dishes and ecological fare.
The closest airports to Colmenar are Malaga (29km) and Granada (58km). Transfers from both of these airports are excellent. Shuttle services and taxis will get you there. However, due to Colmenar being in a rural location, car hire is strongly recommended. It will also enable you to get to the beaches and other locations, which provide sport such as golf.
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Six Christmas Markets To Visit In Europe

Christmas market at MunichImage via Wikipedia
Author: Lindy Howard

At Christmas time, Europe comes alive with Christmas markets. These are set up in all major cities throughout Europe, in one form or another, during the Christmas season, and have been for centuries.
Magical and fascinating, Europe's Christmas markets excite visitors with handicrafts, mulled wine, gingerbreads, large Christmas trees, wooden craft stalls, carollers, free mugs of ale and sell delicately hand-crafted holiday decorations.
We've put together a list of the top six Christmas markets to visit in Europe:

Cologne Market
Cologne's glitzy Christmas markets take place in four locations in the city attracting as many as two million guests every year. The most famous location is 'Am Dom' located in Cathedral Square, overlooking the Cologne Cathedral and featuring the largest christmas tree. There are 160 stalls set up which are visited by wandering street musicians. This is a very special area for children and the young at heart boasts a merry-go-round, puppet theatre and Santa's Grotto.
Nuremberg Market
This market which first opened in 1628 features 200 stalls situated on a cobblestone area. Nuremberg Market is specially known for hand-crafted wooden figures. Specialty foods to be found at this market are spicy sausages known as Bratwurst and sweet gingerbread. Visitors are alerted to watch for 'the Christ Child' who may on market opening day encounter a young child dressed in a gold and white robe, wearing a golden crown and seen moving quickly about the market welcoming visitors with Christmas greetings.
Munich Market
A special Christmas market takes place in the Marienplatz area, dating back to the 17th century. The official opening takes place on the first Friday before Advent featuring the lighting of a very tall Christmas tree. The Crib Market features handmade nativity figurines from Braveria and Austria. Special music is rendered daily by Alpine choirs and musicians.
Vienna Market
'Christkindlmarkt', opening in mid-November, features wooden huts surrounding the town hall. This is believed to be the oldest market in all of Europe. There is a special section 'Vokshalle'. Perhaps the best translation of this word for American visitors is 'tot drop and shop'. Many large shopping malls and chain stores such as WalMart have special areas where children will be cared for by specially-trained and designated employees while parents shop. In the Vokshalle, children spend time making gifts and cookies while parents shop. World-famous choirs perform programs especially on each weekend in December.
Dresden Market
This is the oldest market in Germany, dating back to 1434. Special foods include a sweet fruitcake drizzled with sugar icing. The Stollen Festival takes place on the second Sunday in December. Today's visitors view a 3000kg Stollen being borne through the city. There are 250 stalls featuring glass-blown balls, Saxony ceramics and blue and white print cloth known as 'Blaudruck'.
Berlin Market
The main attraction of this market is Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskriche which is the ruins of a church left untouched from a WWII bombing incident. Berlin's Christmas markets take place in Potsdamer Platz, Alte Potsdamer Strasse (small), in front of Charlottenburg Castle, and the most beautiful, Gendarmenmarkt.
They're definitely worth a visit, and certainly a must-do if you ever visit Europe in winter time.
Article Source:
About the Author

About the Author

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Bountiful Barcelona Hotels

By Chris L D Brown

With the warmth of the sun well and truly over, we are faced with a rather strong shift in temperatures, and it's got to that time of year when we have to wrap up with scarves, winter jackets and lets not forget the wellington boots. If us Brits took a second to notice the situation in Barcelona, then we might see a light at the end of this dismal tunnel. Temperatures stay higher for longer in this Spanish city, making the colder months that little bit more bearable. There is a grand selection of Barcelona hotels, so you won't find it hard to find the perfect place.
There is so much to see in Barcelona, you would be quite astounded. Cultural events, which include eclectic displays of music, art and fashion are set up all year round, giving you even more of a reason to visit this beautiful city. A cultural exploration is just what you need to keep your blood pumping, and if you think about it, a holiday is a holiday no matter what time of year you go. You could always pick one of the Barcelona hotels that have a bit more comfort if you want to be cosy and pampered during your trip away. For a bit more indulgence why not stay in a five-star hotel? You could watch the various musical displays and then retreat to the heat of your lusciously luxurious hotel and spoil yourself with a sauna and a spa treatment.

The Princesa Sofia Gran Hotel is a great place to visit if you want to relax to the max. Located in the financial district of Barcelona, this hotel is close to all major amenities. Not that you'll need them though, as this hotel caters with everything in mind. It has an indoor pool, which is perfect if visiting in the winter, and offers spa and hydrotherapy treatments, saunas, beauty services and massages. This is perfect is your looking for a bit of peace and quiet away from manic Britain. The hotel also has 500 climate controlled, sound proofed guestrooms, which are decorated with soft tones and dark wooden furnishings.
Alternatively, for an equally as indulgent and divine setting why not pick the Omm, one of the more modern and boutique Barcelona hotels set in the heart of the city? Here, there are 91 spacious and luminous rooms decorated with warm materials with wooden floors and handmade carpets. There are two restaurants with an extensive wine list and a delicious menu that is constantly on rotation. There's an outdoor pool terrace overlooking the Casa Mila and the Sagrada Familia, making it even more stunning. There is also a spa with aromatherapy (100% natural products), massage service and a heated pool that overlooks the garden, another great addition for your winter break away. You can also enjoy the private garden and library. Five-star living is the ultimate experience to have out of all the Barcelona hotels.
Chris Brown writes articles on top travel destinations and hotels.

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Top Reasons to Go to Germany

Castle Neuschwanstein at Schwangau, Bavaria, G...Image via WikipediaBy Pollux Parker

Germany is a place of wonder. Dotted with an impressive array of cultural and historical attractions that range from old churches and museums to medieval villages and castles, this country has so much to offer to any visitor that there is no way you should pass on this when you go on a vacation to Europe. Here are the top reasons why it is a must to go to Germany.
World War II Landmarks and Memorials
Even though most countries have World War II landmarks, nothing can compare to those that Germany has. One of the most distinguished landmarks is the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. Apart from that, you would also want to visit the memorials in the German concentration camps, Eagle's Nest, Military Museum in Dresden, the Palace of Justice in Nuremberg, and the Jewish Museum.

Germans are known to be beer lovers. Beer, which is the world's alcoholic drink, is plentiful in this country. The close association is despite the fact that beer did not originate in Germany. Even so, over 1,300 breweries are located in the country, and over 5,000 brands can be tasted here. If you're a beer lover, you should definitely attend the annual Oktoberfest in Munich, which is held usually during the last week of September up to the first week of October.
German Castles
Another famous landmark that Germany is known for are its castles. Some of those worth checking out include Castles Along the Rhein River, Heidelberg Castle, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the Salzberg Castle.
Pollux Parker is an adventurer who loves discovering secret island getaways in each country he visits. Pollux also likes to collect German flag and buy German flag for sale.

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Holidays in Hauts-De-Seine, Ile-DeFrance

Park of Sceaux - The castle, rebuilt in the 19...Image via Wikipedia

By Phil Hanlon

Hauts-de-Seine, literally translated as the heights of the Seine, is an area of the Ile de France on the outskirts of Paris. There are a number of modern commuter and business towns in the area as well as historic buildings and areas of natural beauty. The Hauts-de-Seine is also home to the world-famous Sevres porcelain.
La Defense
La Defense is a modern town, full of skyscrapers and office buildings, on the edge of Paris, which can be reached on the city's Metro system. The open space between the major buildings often hosts outdoor art exhibitions, but the main attraction is the Grand Arche de la Defense. Constructed in a direct line with the Arc de Triomphe and the Petit Arch de Triomphe in the Tuileries Gardens, the Grand Arche offers great views not only over La Defense, but over the whole city of Paris too. The attraction is perhaps not a great idea for those with a fear of heights, as the glass lift ascends up the centre of the arch, but it's well worth keeping going for the view at the top.

Sevres Porcelain
The porcelain-manufacturing factory was founded in the 18th century and is still making beautiful items today. There is a museum attached to the factory, with examples from history of the artefacts produced there. Some very famous artists have worked at the Sevres porcelain plant over the years, including Auguste Rodin and Serge Poliakoff. There are 50,000 items of pottery and earthenware in the museum, of which 5,000 were made at Sevres.
Parks and Gardens
The St Cloud Park is a laid-out garden, which extends over 460 hectares. The area is decorated with ponds, waterfalls and even sculptures. There are many routes throughout the park that you can either walk around leisurely or go for a jog. The gardens around the Chateau de Sceaux features a grand canal lined with trees. In the summer the orangery in the grounds hosts a music festival. Finally, the Meudon Forest is a huge area of tress and paths, which can be explored on foot or on bicycle. The town of Meudon itself is home to a number of museums, including one dedicated to the local artist Rodin the region's art and history museum. There is even a historic observatory in the town and many tree-lined streets with outdoor cafes in the summer.
The Author writes for Holiday Home Rentals who have a selection of Villas in Hauts-de-Seine and Villas in France which can be rented direct from their owners.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Trekking in the Amalfi Coast

Positano, Amalfi Coast, ItalyImage by Allerina & Glen MacLarty via Flickr

Author: daniele76

The coast line from Punta Campanella to Positano is also marked by glimpses of high natural value for geological and environmental characteristics, and from the shoreline to the sea offers an array of breathtaking views of Li Galli, Capri, Positano. From the sea the appearance changes due to the presence of bare and barren nature of steep slopes, like those of a coastline full of coves and bays accessible only by sea, the feeling for those who sail in these waters is of isolation and total contact with nature. From Positano to Amalfi Coast but is characterized by settlements in valleys sloping down towards the sea, interspersed with large green areas, creating a landscape that is prestigious result of the integration of human work and the work of nature not easily accessible.

The Amalfi Coast is dotted with towers and fortifications, from the tip of Massalubrense to the threshold of Salerno, with the remains of its castle towering claims the role of the provincial capital and center of a wider territorial context. The many tourist sites that have been made over the last decades, have substantially altered the value of this beautiful coastal area. Each of the countries that now dot the Amalfi coast has preserved intact over the centuries of its old charm thanks to the ever-present relationship between the territory and the immense beauty of artistic and cultural heritage, bearing witness to a glorious past. Its inhabitants express sensitivity and creativity in crafts ceramics, handmade paper processing, the chestnut baskets, wrought iron and fashion Positano.
The position of the peninsula, particularly happy, sunny and protected from the wind, created a privileged environment in terms of climate, but certainly it is no coincidence that urban settlements are all of high-medieval origin, which date back to a period in such as security and the ability of defense were key factors in the creation of a settlement.The most ancient of the population are in the Caves of the Amalfi Positano, the most important of which is called The Door, in it's lower strata of the filing document with the Upper Paleolithic lithic industry on mountain goat hunters, deer and wild boar the layers above refer, instead, a Mesolithic population of terrestrial and marine shellfish gatherers.In classical times the Amalfi Coast shows an intact forest cover with no built-up areas, the sources of those ages speak only of the three small rocks, now called Li Galli and ancient Sirenum Petrae, held at the home of Homer's sirens whose cult Sorrento was dedicated at a sanctuary. But these houses were like those of Minori, Positano, Li Galli and the small island, accessible only by sea and of members of the imperial court that at the time of Augustus and Tiberius, made frequent visits to nearby Capri.
Book our apartment in Positano, and You'll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful town
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Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.
When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano - Amalfi Coast , with us You'll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

Book an apartment in Positano, and You'll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful town

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Typical food in the Amalfi Coast

Positano, Amalfi Coast, ItalyImage by Allerina & Glen MacLarty via Flickr

Author: daniele76

When You book a nice apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano - Amalfi Coast, with us You'll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

The Amalfi Coast attracts not only for its breathtaking views and the deep blue sea, but also for the aromas and flavors of its cuisine, echoing the rituals of tradition.It's a land that has a varied gastronomy depending on location under consideration.A Scala, for example, you can taste different dishes such as orecchiette pasta and beans, spaghetti with pig's blood, spaghetti with walnuts, fried polenta, liver in "security" with bay leaves, fried beans with pork fat, red beans, pumpkin, sweets based on chestnuts, "black and white (marble cake), tart with pudding.Amalfi, however, offers us an excellent homemade pasta, the Scialatielli with chopped parsley, pepper and parmesan cheese sauce and topped with fresh tomatoes and clams, married soup made with endive, black soup, cabbage and other vegetables boiled in chicken broth with "pezzenta (local sausage, with pork rinds and pork offal), profiteroles with lemon cream (Sfusato Amalfitano IGP), lemon cake in many variations.

In Atrani a typical dish is the "Sarchiapone" made with pumpkin long cylinders (easy to find in the month of July), stuffed with ground beef and local cheese and cooked in tomato sauce, cassata typical Atrani the pasticciotto (mild chest Short pastry filled with custard and black cherry jam), the lemon cake.A Sunset prepares the goat in all the sauces, honey mushrooms blanched, dusted with white cornmeal and fried, delicious mozzarella, pizza excellent (Tramontani exported the culture and the art of pizza in the world) and a Costa d'Amalfi Tramonti bodied DOC.In Furore a traditional dish is made with squid and potatoes, but you also remember the pie flour and pork, the "caponata" made with toasted bread to "freselle" bathed and dressed with tomatoes, anchovies, eggplant and other vegetables preserved in olive oil. We also recommend a cup of fragrant Furore Costa d'Amalfi DOC.Conca dei Marini offers the local cuisine, in particular, the penne with tomato "piennolo" rabbit lemon leaves and fragrant puff Santa Rosa, created right here in the seventeenth century by the nuns of the Convent of Santa Rosa: a very thin sheet shell-shaped with choking streams of pastry cream studded with cherries.

Book our apartment in Positano, and You'll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful town
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Daniele Davide, manager of Tredy Sas.
When You book an apartment in Positano Apartment in Positano - Amalfi Coast , with us You'll realize how beautiful and magic this town is.

Book an apartment in Positano, and You'll enjoy the unique atmosphere of this beautiful town

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Rip It Up in Italy

A view of Breuil-Cervinia slopes.Image via Wikipedia
Author: Hans Bergson

Skiing is a great sport for everyone: families love it, as do kids and beginners. But the real pleasures of this sport are reserved for those who live and breathe it 365 days a year. Many of us devotees to the sport are constantly on the lookout for the perfect terrain to test our skills. There is no need to look any further than Italy Ski Resorts which offer great powder and awe-inspiring slopes.

One of the best resorts out there for avid skiers is Arabba in Italy, which features a wide array of excellent black runs from PortaVescovo Mountain. As you carve up the superb runs here you'll be treated to beautiful views of the surrounding areas. For a bit of easy cruising there are red runs on PassoPordoi that should keep you well entertained, especially on days when you're happy to trade steeps for speed.
Cervinia is another resort, also in Italy, which will be a thrill for advanced skiers. Highlights include a 22km run to Valtournenche which will leave you panting, and guided off-piste which will take you to the kind of terrain you only see in your dreams.
So if you love to ski but are a bit bored by the run of the mill ski resort, head to Italy where you'll find amazing terrain which will have you deep in powder. You'll come back with stories that will make all your friends jealous. Perhaps the best part of these holidays, is that you'll be surrounded by other ski addicts, with these people as companions you're sure to head out on the best skiing of your life.
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Hans Bergson has been writing about ski holidays and lakes and mountains holidays for over 7 years. When he's not out exploring the great outdoors, he's writing about his travels and dreaming of the next expedition.

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