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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Discovering the Stunning Wines of Sicily

A glass of the Italian dessert wine Marsala fr...
A glass of the Italian dessert wine Marsala from Sicily. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: "Marsala" fortified wine, f...
English: "Marsala" fortified wine, from Sicily Italiano: Vino "Marsala", dalla Sicilia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Helen Forbes

If you want to discover the true heart of the stunning Mediterranean island of Sicily, why not stay in one of the many excellent villas? In Sicily there are many to choose from and all are hand picked for their quality, location and comfort. Imagine having the independence to explore at your own pace and the luxury of returning to the privacy of your own space. Many villas in Sicily have swimming pools and outside dining areas come as standard. It is advisable to book the villas in Sicily through a travel company so you can be advised on the one that will suit your dream Sicilian holiday wishes.

Dotted throughout the countryside, located close to the beautiful coastline or even in the centre of local towns, villas in Sicily are found all over the island and all have their own rewards depending on what you and your group need.

Exploring the wines of the region

Top 3 Best Places to Stay in Sicily: Where to Book Your Accommodation

A baroque church in Modica
A baroque church in Modica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giorgia Di Mattei

The good weather, the stunning seascapes and the warm people make Sicily the perfect destination for pleasant and relaxing holidays. All around the island, there are a lot of heavenly spots, but with this little guide you'll be sure to choose among the best places to stay in Sicily.

Opt for the place that better matches with your ideal holiday and enjoy your stay!

1. Surrounded by nature in CefaluNature lovers get ready to have a trip around the best landscapes ever. If you want to enjoy the wonders of both the sea and the mountain, one of the best places to stay in Sicily is Cefalu.
This small seaside village is at about 10 miles from the park of Madonie where you can go trekking or birdwatching, among the lush paths of the reserve. Have a bath among the stacks in the bay of Cefalu, just below the promontory of the Rocca, or enjoy the naturist beach enclosed in the gorges of Tiberio, near San Mauro Castelverde.

Secret Places in London

English: Eltham Palace moat , Greenwich, London
English: Eltham Palace moat , Greenwich, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Alice R

A secret place in London doesn't mean it is not to be seen, it just means that it is located in a hidden part of London waiting to be uncovered. Here are few secret places in London:

Fitzroy House:

The Fitzroy House is located in Fitzroy Street, London and this 1791 building is now a museum that exhibits works and life of L.Ron Hubbard. He is not only a famous scientologist, but also an author and a person who is passionate about photography and many other activities. The first floor of Fitzroy House exhibits the early life of this 'Guinness Book of World Records' title holder. You can find rare collections of books and original manuscripts in Fitzroy House and the second floor holds an invaluable collection of literary works by L.Ron Hubbard.