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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dubrovnik - One of the Finest Cities in Croatia

Dubrovnik (Photo credit: vidonjac)

By []Naomi Wilson
More and more people are coming to realise just how much Croatia has to offer as a tourist destination. If you decide to book a holiday to this country to explore its history and try your hand at activities including hiking and sailing, Croatia has many jewels to offer. One of the best of them all is Dubrovnik.

The walled city

Many cities around the world have remnants of ancient walls that once protected them. But in Dubrovnik their ancient walls are still practically intact. The Old Town is held inside a consistent stone wall that runs for some two kilometres. Incredibly the walls reach as high as 25 metres into the air in some places. When you have indulged in other activities such as sailing, Croatia's Dubrovnik offers you the opportunity to follow the length of these famous walls that date from the 14th century.

Top Tips for Things to Do on Adventure Holidays in Croatia

English: waterfall in plitvice lakes national ...
English: waterfall in plitvice lakes national park, croatia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Naomi Wilson

Croatia is perhaps one of the most unique countries you will ever come across. For starters it has an unusual coastline bordering the Adriatic Sea - unusual because it consists of many islands - with places such as Split and Dubrovnik ripe for exploration. But it also offers some stunning venues to explore inland, and if you love hiking and walking you will certainly find adventure holidays in Croatia well worth enjoying. Here are just some of the activities you can try while you are there.

Walking around the Plitvice Lakes

Many visitors take the opportunity to see the Plitvice Lakes for themselves. The Lakes are split into two sections - the upper and lower lakes - with 16 of them to see in all if you are ready to make the walk from one end to the other. You'll cover around eight kilometres if you do, so it makes a very satisfying walking challenge to enjoy as you witness the stunning waterfalls and beautiful, changing colours of the water.

Must See Sights in Spectacular Tuscany

English: Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. The lea...

By []Giovanni Balboni
Tuscany is an area of Italy situated along the upper 'shin' of the leg-shaped country itself. The region is large enough to offer both inland and coastal sites to visit - providing a snapshot of the best of Tuscany. Villas are available to book virtually everywhere you look, so you are bound to find just the right setting for your own personal holiday story.

In deciding the main highlights of the region, the choice is virtually endless in Tuscany: villas that will take your breath away, historical attractions, artistic treasures and spectacular countryside. Let's explore, shall we?

Top Must See Attractions in Fabulous Florence

English: Photograph of Ponte Vecchio at night....
English: Photograph of Ponte Vecchio at night. Florence, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

Florence must surely be one of the most famous cities in all of Tuscany. Villas here offer you the opportunity to stay in one of the region's most renowned cities, offering classic sights wherever you look.

While it is hard to narrow down the best sights Florence has to offer, we've tried to do just that. Here's a taste of what you can look forward to when you are in Florence.

Enjoying the Delights of Tuscan Cuisine

English: Italian Trattoria sign. This photo wa...

By []Giovanni Balboni

Chances are, delightful as the villas in Tuscany invariably are, there will be many occasions when you want to get out and about in order to sample the true taste of authentic Tuscan cuisine. Which is not to say that you can't get good meals inside your villas in Tuscany - with the fresh produce, the great spices and overall wonderful environment, any meal you make yourself is practically guaranteed to be delicious. Eating in the best food outlets in the area, however, is an experience not to be missed - whether they're small hole-in-the-wall shops, traditional family restaurants, or globally-recognised gourmet bistros.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Top Cities Worth Visiting in Tuscany

English: Il Duomo, in Florenece, Italy seen at...
English: Il Duomo, in Florenece, Italy seen at night from Michelangelo's Piazza. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

When you think of Tuscany you often think of rolling, sunburnt landscapes and it sometimes seems hard to believe that there are many cities that are worth seeing too. Here we have suggested four of the best to explore while you are there, although you would need a long holiday to see them all. However, in Tuscany, villa accommodation will allow you to do just that - and at your leisure.

Visiting the Tuscany Umbria Border Area of Italy

Orvieto Le Dôme-Façade-Ombrie-Italy-
Orvieto Le Dôme-Façade-Ombrie-Italy- (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Emma Cordingley

South eastern Tuscany meets its smaller neighbour Umbria, on Umbria's  north
eastern border.  The border area of Tuscany and Umbria in Italy is a wonderful place
to stay as the visitor is able to visit the many cities and towns of the two regions
while staying in one of the most picturesque areas the world has to offer and
enjoying one of its greatest cuisines.  The area is largely rural, the main crops are
sunflowers, maize, olives, vines and tobacco which is being phased out.  Modernity
has been slow to reach this area and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, many
visitors feel as if they had stepped back in time 30 or 40 years.   Staying in this area
you are within 90% of UNESCOs world art treasures: Rome and Florence are within
two hours drive and one must not forget the important art works of nearer towns
such as Arezzo, Siena, Perugia and Assisi.  Apart from their art treasures these
towns are places everyone enjoys visiting.  All have their own architectural delights
and meandering lanes and interesting shops and restaurants. Also worth visiting are
the Tuscan towns of ; Cortona and Sansepolcro and the Umbrian towns of
Gubbio,Citta di Castello, Todi and Orvieto.  Lovers of ceramics will also want to visit
Deruta famous for its production of some the world's finest majolica. 

Playing Knights and Princesses: Exploring Umbria with Kids

skyline of Brufa, frazione of Torgiano, Perugi...
skyline of Brufa, frazione of Torgiano, Perugia, Umbria, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

When getting together the family for a trip to Italy, it's important to know whether the surrounding areas will have interesting and kid-friendly activities that the whole family will appreciate. In Umbria, villas are often situated in beautiful hillside landscapes and offer easy access to daytrips that can connect children to local culture, architecture, and history. But it doesn't have to all be learning with no fun - many local attractions now offer special family guides that specialise in making history accessible and exciting.

Devouring the Unique Cuisine of Umbria

'Wine Break', Italy, Apennine Mountains, Umbri...
'Wine Break', Italy, Apennine Mountains, Umbria, Castelluccio di Norcia (Photo credit: WanderingtheWorld (

By []Giovanni Balboni

Ask people what their favourite food is and chances are pretty high they'll answer 'Italian'. From pizza, to pasta, to the most amazing entrees and desserts, everyone is sure to have a favourite Italian dish.

A holiday to Italy is the trip of a lifetime, and die-hard foodies agree one must-visit is Umbria. Villas in the midst of green rolling hills, medieval castles and churches, and crystal lakes are a certainly a feast for the eyes. The selling point for most foodies, however, is definitely the superb cuisine of Umbria. Villas offer the perfect holiday getaways, with beautiful scenery, casual and relaxed atmosphere, and the opportunity to explore the cuisine of the region at your leisure - much of which would rival the best in world-class restaurants and hotels. The Umbrians use centuries-old recipes and only the freshest ingredients, most from their own gardens, in the nearby farms, or fish caught fresh from nearby lakes to create the most amazing dishes. While characteristically rustic, dishes from this region are stunning in their simplicity, allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. Listed below are some of the signature ingredients and dishes that definitely must be savoured when visiting the region.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Adventure Holidays in Croatia: From Spectacular to Amazing!

English: Adriatic Sea in Croatia - view from p...
English: Adriatic Sea in Croatia - view from point near Ston (Mali Ston) Česky: Jaderské moře v Chorvatsku vedle vesnice Ston (Mali Ston) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Naomi Wilson

If you're tired of the same old destinations and suffering a case of "been there, done that", check out one of the new travel trends currently growing in popularity these days: adventure holidays in Croatia! This wonderful country, founded on the ruins of the Roman Empire, is swiftly becoming an open secret for travellers tired of the usual holiday destinations.

With its mild Mediterranean climate, incredible coastline, spectacular islands, amazing mountainous ranges, scenic national parks, as well as charming cities and towns awash with history and culture - adventure holidays in Croatia are never boring! Whether you're just off on a weekend break or planning on a longer visit, you'll definitely find many exciting things to do. Here are just a few of the amazing activities you can enjoy.

Tuscany's Wine Country: The Wine-Lover's Dream

Landscape in the Italian wine region of Greve ...
Landscape in the Italian wine region of Greve in the Chianti area in Tuscany, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []Giovanni Balboni

If you want to spend time in a place where there's fabulous wine, food and the kind of natural beauty that inspires great art, how about spending a week or two in one of those amazing villas in Tuscany's prime wine region- Chianti!

In Chianti, you'll certainly find your fill of everything that makes for a great holiday. Here are a few of the things that may convince you to choose Chianti when choosing which of the numerous villas in Tuscany to make as your home away from home for the holidays.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuscan Cuisine: Simple, Rustic and Delicious

Bistecca alla fiorentina
Bistecca alla fiorentina (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Giovanni Balboni

You will find that the cuisine is kept simple but delicious when you stay in Tuscany. Villas located throughout the region make the perfect base to discover the cuisine of this area of Italy for yourself, and it does not really matter where you stay because the food here is exceptional throughout the area.

Tuscan cuisine is known for being healthy, hearty and very, very tasty. It comprises [predominantly] of salads, pastas, herbs, pies, soups and grilled meat. If you like your food simple, honest and delicious, you are in for a treat in Tuscany. Villas to rent will often have their own, spectacularly appointed kitchens, so you can try your hand at recreating some of the dishes yourself.

Holidays in Croatia - Beautiful Getaways

selce croatia
selce croatia (Photo credit: FotoChronicle)

By []Jenny Reis

If you're looking for something different for your upcoming holiday, why not consider travelling to Croatia, a lovely little country with plenty to offer.

Lonely Planet proclaimed that Croatia was the top travel destination for 2005, and tourism hasn't died off a bit since then. The Croatian economy is thriving due to tourism, and the people love to see visitors spending their holidays in Croatia. When you come here, you'll be able to enjoy sunny islands, luxurious coastlines and exciting cultural city centers. The people are happy to welcome you into their towns and make you feel like a local yourself. You'll have stories about your Croatia holiday for years to come, and you'll always look back on it with fond memories. Take a look at all of the interesting Croatian cities that you can visit and start making your plans today.

Bury Your Feet in the Sardinian Sand

Sardinia (Photo credit: giannisl)

By []Naomi S Wilson

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is one of the regions of Italy. The island has its typical Mediterranean beauty and in the summer it offers very warm weather. It's loved for swimming, boating, windsurfing, hiking, climbing, camping and the beaches in addition to the variety of other activities available in Sardinia. The island is treasured for its coastal areas that are hot spots for tourists especially in the warmest months.

Family holidays in Sardinia are ideal at this Mediterranean destination with just a short 2 hour flight from the UK to any of the 3 main airports near Cagliari, Olbia, and Alghero and the beautiful beaches with warm clear blue water and family friendly resorts. There is a range of accommodation fit for families with family rooms, inter-connecting rooms and child concessions for families all sizes and all budgets as well as welcoming child friendly restaurants with pizza, pasta and gelato always on offer. There are activities for all the family all over Sardinia with water sports being most popular. As Sardinia is part of Italy there is welcoming Italian style hospitality and all aspects of the Italian culture. Why not travel inland to where the traditional culture still flourishes?

Visit the Birthplace of Italian Opera

Italiano: Autore Pasquale Matrisciano, fonte f...
Italiano: Autore Pasquale Matrisciano, fonte fotocamera personale, foto dell'interno del Teatro di San Carlo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By []Naomi S Wilson

When we think of the word Opera many of us think about Italy and operas in Italian. Italian opera is a mixture of the beautiful language and the history of the Italian people. Opera originates in Italy and still today it inspires people to learn the language, history and the culture from the stories and the experience. It is a very romantic experience, listening to opera sung in Italian at one of the famous opera houses in a majestic city. Especially as the majority of Opera's are about telling the story of love or heartbreak. Many opera lovers. travel to Italy to see an opera and visit the famous Italian opera houses although this experience isn't just for opera fans. These kind of holidays are suitable for anyone who wishes to encounter a new European culture which is rich with historical significance. Why not visit the beautiful cities of Italy which are full of exquisite buildings from throughout the centuries.