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Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Top Party Cities in North America

English: Straws Milan Steer wrestling at the C...
English: Straws Milan Steer wrestling at the Calgary Stampede. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A large crowd of people at the Chinoo...
English: A large crowd of people at the Chinook Centre pancake breakfast during the Calgary Stampede. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: The Calgary Stampede midway, with dow...
English: The Calgary Stampede midway, with downtown and the Calgary Tower in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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English: Looking south from Top of the Rock, New York City {| cellspacing="0" style="min-width:40em; color:#000; background:#ddd; border:1px solid #bbb; margin:.1em;" class="layouttemplate" | style="width:1.2em;height:1.2em;padding:.2em" | 20px |link=|center | style="font-size:.85em; padding:.2em; vertical-align:middle" |This image was created with hugin. |} NYC wideangle south from Top of the Rock.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Grant Ave. in Chinatown, San Francisco.
Grant Ave. in Chinatown, San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By []David Leonhardt

Berlin? London? Tokyo?

Ha! North America has better, more bopping party cities than any in the world. Who needs a plane ticket across the ocean, when the parties are all happening right here?

NEW YORK, New York is the Big Apple. Fortunately, it is not distinguished for its nutrition, but rather as the city with the most bars and clubs in the United States. There are always plenty of parties going on.

SAN FRANCISCO, California, is the city where flower power began half a century ago - and they are still partying, both hipster style and in electronic dance bars from Sausolito to San Jose. Among the top places to party include the Mission and SOMA Districts, as well as North Beach

CALGARY, Alberta, is known as Cowtown because of the famous Calgary Stampede, a 10-day rodeo that draws millions of people to the city. Even if country music culture is not your style, the after-rodeo parties are epic. These days, the Stampede is as much about the parties as it is about the rodeo.

CHICAGO, Illinois is not only known for its deep-dish pizza and molecular gastronomy, but it is also known for its parties. Let's face it, pizza and parties go hand in hand. Does molecular gastronomy go hand in hand with partying? Not sure. But whether you will be packing the clubs until five AM, or spending the whole summer at outdoor festivals, you will definitely have a party-good time in the Windy City.

TORONTO, Ontario, is known as "The Big Smoke" for its pollution and "Toronto the Good" for its lawfulness. But those are not the reasons why Toronto is the largest city in Canada - it is because so many people have gathered to party together.

LOS ANGELES, California, is home to the silver screen - and every barkeep, waitress and bellhop is a hopeful actor or actress. This is the ideal place to party for future bragging rights. Party in Los Angeles enough and one day you'll be telling everybody, "I know that superstar. She served me a beer when she was younger."

MIAMI, Florida is home to all sorts of party goers, from the Fort Lauderdale yacht club jet-setters, to the get-down-and-dirty dancers in the Latin dance clubs. Then, find a party on the beach. If you like sun, and you like fun, you will love Miami.

ATLANTA, Georgia is known as the Capital of The South. Although tourists often come here to enjoy the Atlanta Zoo and the Georgia Aquarium, you can tell the true party animals come alive at night in the downtown Atlanta's nightlife.

MONTREAL, Quebec, has a world-famous bilingual nightlife, where the legal drinking age is 18. People come from around the world to join the locals for the drinks at the many bars and night clubs, but they certainly stay for the beautiful French women... er, I mean culture.

BOSTON, Massachusetts is the Athens of America. Each September (Let the party begin!), it is flooded with a fresh crop of students from around the world, drawn to Boston's prestigious colleges. With them comes a rush of cultural enthusiasm, which has spawned everything from music festivals to hip clubs and Irish pubs.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics - that was one big party. From what we hear, they have not stopped partying since. Vancouver parties are laid back, so relax and party.

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, is a party capital. Any place called Sin City doesn't go light on its parties - but it does cost a bit to party in Las Vegas. Just remember the saying, if you go a little overboard in your partying, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

David Leonhardt writes for the []Directory of Bars and Nightlife, highlighting some great nightlife in North America, including []bars in Calgary.

Article Source: [] The Top Party Cities in North America
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