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Monday, April 6, 2015

A Rome Italy Vacation - Insights Into What Can Makes Yours a Great One

English: The Pantheon in Rome, Italy
English: The Pantheon in Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Details of Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy
English: Details of Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By [Kent R Kerr

Rome, the Eternal City, a place that has a permanent spot on the top of almost every American's list of world cities to touch at least once in a lifetime. Making the best of your Rome (Italy) vacation requires that you go armed with a few tips on what to expect. With these in hand, there should be nothing keeping you from making a success of your trip.

Flying into Rome, you'll probably arrive at the Leonardo da Vinci airport in a suburb of Rome, called Fiumicino. You'll arrive here if you are flying in directly from the US on a major airline. If you are flying in from elsewhere in Europe on a discount airline, you'll probably arrive at Ciampino, the smaller secondary airport. Once at the airport, you'll find that there are airport buses that take you to the Stazione Termini 'receiving point' in the middle of the city. You could also take a train that leaves from the airport every hour. What is the Termini? It's kind of confusing that they should call it the airport terminal, but it's just the place that you aim for in the city to start out with when you arrive. It's the transit hub for everything in the city - trains, buses, you name it.

The center of Rome where all of the great attractions are, isn't that large. You could probably go from one area to the next just walking. Since the climate is usually pleasant and Mediterranean, walking can be delightful. The thing about a Rome (Italy) vacation is that you don't really have to go looking for art in the city. The whole city is a living museum, and just about every single thing you lay eyes on has great artistic and historic significance usually. Everywhere you turn in Rome, there is a tiny fountain with impossibly beautiful sculptures all around. It might be difficult to believe this, but most fountains on the streets of Rome are safe to drink from. The best way of taking in the most of Rome on your trip would be to walk everywhere, and absorb everything you see.

Begin your Rome (Italy) vacation at the center of the city at the Vatican, and it's likely to put you in a great mood for the remainder of the time you're there. The major sights can get impossibly crowded during the peak seasons. Summer, and the times around the religious celebrations are the most difficult. Rome is a city built for a time when there were no cars, and you'll find that traffic jams are frequent during the peak seasons. Whenever you travel, make sure you get to the sights you are aiming for early in the morning around 9 AM, and you should get in with the least amount of delay.


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